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Published Date:
October 2002
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March–May, 2002

Working Paper No. 02/61

Foreign Direct Investment in Africa: Some Case Studies

Basu, Anupam; Srinivasan, Krishna

Working Paper No. 02/62

Holding International Reserves in an Era of High Capital Mobility

Flood, Robert P.; Marion, Nancy P.

Working Paper No. 02/63

Dread of Depreciation: Measuring Real Exchange Rate Interventions

Dutta, Jayasri

Working Paper No. 02/64

What Moves Capital to Transition Economies?

Garibaldi, Pietro; Mora, Nada; Sahay, Ratna; Zettelmeyer, Jeromin

Working Paper No. 02/65

Reserve Requirements on Foreign Currency Deposits in Sub-Saharan Africa: Main Features and Policy Implications

Kovanen, Arto

Working Paper No. 02/66

The Boom, Bust, and Restructuring of Indonesian Banks

Pangestu, Mari; Habir, Manggi

Working Paper No. 02/67

Fiscal Revenues in South Mediterranean Arab Countries: Vulnerabilities and Growth Potential

Nashashibi, Karim

Working Paper No. 02/68

The Aging of the Population and the Size of the Welfare State

Razin, Assaf; Sadka, Efraim; Swagel, Phillip L.

Working Paper No. 02/69

External Debt and Growth

Pattillo, Catherine A.; Poirson, Helene K.; Ricci, Luca A.

Working Paper No. 02/70

You Say You Want A Revolution: Information Technology and Growth

Haacker, Markus; Morsink, James H.

Working Paper No. 02/71

The Costs and Benefits of Various Wage Bargaining Structures: An Empirical Exploration

Thomas, Alun H.

Working Paper No. 02/72

Is Policy Ownership an Operational Concept?

Boughton, James M.; Mourmouras, Alexandros T.

Working Paper No. 02/73

Vested Interests in a Positive Theory of IFI Conditionality

Mayer, Wolfgang; Mourmouras, Alexandros T.

Working Paper No. 02/74

International Contagion Effects from the Russian Crisis and the LTCM Near-Collapse

Dungey, Mardi; Fry, Renee; Gonzalez-Hermosillo, Brenda; Martin, Vance

Working Paper No. 02/75

Growing Up With Capital Flows

Mody, Ashoka; Murshid, Antu P.

Working Paper No. 02/76

Macroeconomic Management and the Devolution of Fiscal Powers

Drummond, Paulo F.; Mansoor, Ali M.

Working Paper No. 02/77

Expenditure Composition, Fiscal Adjustment, and Growth in Low-Income Countries

Gupta, Sanjeev; Clements, Benedict J.; Baldacci, Emanuele; Mulas-Granados, Carlos

Working Paper No. 02/78

Composition of Government Expenditures and Demand for Education in Developing Countries

Dabla-Norris, Era; Matovu, John M.

Working Paper No. 02/79

The Choice Between External and Domestic Debt in Financing Budget Deficits: The Case of Central and West African Countries

Beaugrand, Philippe; Loko, Boileau; Mlachila, Montfort P.

Working Paper No. 02/80

Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanisms and Inflation in Slovakia

Kuijs, Louis

Working Paper No. 02/81

Statistical Inference as a Bargaining Game

Ley, Eduardo

Working Paper No. 02/82

Do “Flexible” Exchange Rates of Developing Countries Behave Like the Floating Exchange Rates of Industrialized Countries?

Wickham, Peter

Working Paper No. 02/83

Family Attachment and the Decision to Move by Race

Spilimbergo, Antonio; Ubeda, Luis

Working Paper No. 02/84

Money, Meat, and Inflation: Using Price Data to Understand an Export Shock in Sudan

Ramcharan, Rodney

Working Paper No. 02/85

When Is Economic Growth Pro-Poor? Experiences in Malaysia and Pakistan

Khan, Mahmood H.

Working Paper No. 02/86

Determinants and Repercussions of the Composition of Capital Inflows

Carlson, Mark; Hernandez, Leonardo F.

Working Paper No. 02/87

Fiscal Policy and Economic Activity During Recessions in Advanced Economies

Hemming, Richard; Mahfouz, Selma; Schimmelpfennig, Axel

Working Paper No. 02/88

Caribbean Offshore Financial Centers: Past, Present, and Possibilities for the Future

Suss, Esther C.; Williams, Oral; Mendis, Chandima

Working Paper No. 02/89

Export Orientation and Productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa

Mengistae, Taye; Pattillo, Catherine A.

Working Paper No. 02/90

More on the Effectiveness of Public Spending on Health Care and Education: A Covariance Structure Model

Baldacci, Emanuele; Guin-Siu, Maria T.; Mello, Luiz de

Working Paper No. 02/91

Yield Spread as a Leading Indictor of Real Economic Activity: An Empirical Exercise on the Indian Economy

Kanagasabapathy, K.; Goyal, Rajan

Working Paper No. 02/92

Macroeconomic Adjustment in a Highly Dollarized Economy: The Case of Cambodia

de Zamaroczy, Mario; Sa, Sopanha

Working Paper No. 02/93

Escaping the Curse of Oil?: The Case of Gabon

Soderling, Ludvig

Working Paper No. 02/94

The Role of Internal Audit in Government Financial Management: An International Perspective

Diamond, Jack

Working Paper No. 02/95

Why Is It So Hard to Finance Budget Deficits?: Problems of a Developing Country

Feltenstein, Andrew; Iwata, Shigeru

Working Paper No. 02/96

The Estonian Currency Board: Its Introduction and Role in the Early Success of Estonia’s Transition to a Market Economy

Knobl, Adalbert; Sutt, Andres; Zavoico, Basil B.

Working Paper No. 02/97

An Interim Assessment of Ukrainian Output Developments, 2000–01

Berengaut, Julian; De Vrijer, Erik; Elborgh-Woytek, Katrin C.; Fisher, Diane E.; Lewis, Mark W.; Lissovolik, Bogdan

Working Paper No. 02/98

Extreme Contagion in Equity Markets

Chan-Lau, Jorge; Mathieson, Donald J.; Yao, James Y.

Working Paper No. 02/99

Calibrating Your Intuition: Capital Allocation for Market and Credit Risk

Kupiec, Paul H.

Working Paper No. 02/100

Financial Liberalization and Real Investment: Evidence from Turkish Firms

Sancak, Cemile

Working Paper No. 02/101

Structural Balances and All That: Which Indicators to Use in Assessing Fiscal Policy

Chalk, Nigel A.

Working Paper No. 02/102

Establishing Initial Conditions in Support of Inflation Targeting

Carare, Alina; Schaechter, Andrea; Stone, Mark R.; Zelmer, Mark D.

Working Paper No. 02/103

The Challenge of Fiscal Decentralization in Transition Countries

Dabla-Norris, Era; Wade, Paul R.

Working Paper No. 02/104

Long-Run Determinants of Exchange Rate Regimes: A Simple Sensitivity Analysis

Juhn, Grace S.; Mauro, Paolo

Working Paper No. 02/105

The Micro Basis of Budget System Reform: The Case of Transitional Economies

Diamond, Jack

Working Paper No. 02/106

The Potential Role for Securitizing Public Sector Revenue Flows: An Application to the Phillipines

Chalk, Nigel A.

Working Paper No. 02/107

On the Origins of the Fleming-Mundell Model

Boughton, James M.

Working Paper No. 02/108

Experience with Budgetary Convergence in the WAEMU

Dore, Ousmane; Masson, Paul R.

Working Paper No. 02/109

Exchange Rate Pass-Through and Monetary Policy in Croatia

Billmeier, Andreas; Bonato, Leo

Working Paper No. 02/110

Suggestions for Alternative Budget Balances for South Africa

Jacobs, Davina F.

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