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IMF Papers on Policy Analysis and Assessment

International Monetary Fund. Research Dept.
Published Date:
January 1994
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“China’s Foreign Currency Swap Market,” by Hoe Ee Khor [94/1]

“Budget Deficits and the Public Debt in Sweden: The Case for Fiscal Consolidation,” by Desmond Lachman [94/2]

“On the Political Sustainability of Economic Reform,” by Carlos M. Asilis and Gian Maria Milesi–Ferretti [94/3]

“An Incomes Policy for Russia?” by Michael Marrese [94/4]

“The New Protectionism in Industrial Countries: Beyond the Uruguay Round,” by Douglas A. Irwin [94/5]

“Asset Prices, Monetary Policy, and the Business Cycle,” by Garry J.Schinasi [94/6]

“Emerging Equity Markets: Growth, Benefits, and Policy Concerns,” by Robert A. Feldman and Manmohan S. Kumar [94/7]

“The United States–Japan Current Account Imbalance: A Review,” by Stephen S. Golub [94/8]

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In statistical matter throughout this issue,

dots (…) indicate that data are not available;

a dash (—) indicates that the figure is zero or less than half the final digit shown, or that the item does not exist;

a single dot (.) indicates decimals;

a comma (,) separates thousands and millions;

“billion” means a thousand million, and “trillion” means a thousand billion;

a short dash (–) is used between years or months (for example, 1992–94 or January–October) to indicate a total of the years or months inclusive of the beginning and ending years or months;

a stroke (/) is used between years (for example, 1993/94) to indicate a fiscal year or a crop year;

a colon (:) is used between a year and the number indicating a quarter within that year (for example, 1994:1);

components of tables may not add to totals shown because of rounding.

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