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International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
January 2000
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Press Releases

00/60: Second Annual PRGF for Guyana, November 17

00/61: $590 Million Cut in Debt Service for Guyana, November 17

00/62: $14 Million in Emergency Postconflict Assistance for the Republic of Congo, November

17 00/63: $596 Million Stand-By Credit for Pakistan, November 29

00/64: $31 Million EFF and $13 Million PRGF (approved in principle) for Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, November 29

00/65: Ter-Minassian to Head Fiscal Affairs Department, December 4 (see page 388)

00/66: IMF Board Names Firm to Search for Evaluation Unit Chief, December 6

News Briefs

00/102: Work Program of Executive Board, November 20 (see page 396)

00/103: IMF Considers Guinea-Bissau under HIPC, November 21

00/104: IMF Considers Niger under HIPC, November 22

00/105: IMF Considers São Tomé and Príncipe under HIPC, November 22

00/106: Köhler Welcomes El Salvador Plan, November 23

00/107: Fischer Statement on Turkey, November 26

00/108: IMF Completes Brazil Sixth Review, November 28

00/109: Köhler Welcomes Turkish Measures, November 30

00/110: IMF Endorses Tanzania’s PRSP, December 1

00/111: Sugisaki Statement on Zambia, December 1

00/112: Köhler Announces Start of Talks with Turkish Authorities, December 3

00/113: Köhler Proposes $10 Billion IMF Support for Turkey (see page 385)

Public Information Notices (PINs)

00/99: Portugal (and Staff Report), November 20

00/100: Gabon, November 22

00/101: Barbados (and Staff Report), December 4

00/102: St. Kitts and Nevis, December 4


Press briefings, Thomas Dawson, November 20 and December 1

One World, One Currency, November 17 (see page 391)

Köhler on Opening of IMF Center, December 1

Letters of Intent and Memorandums of Economic and

Financial Policies (date posted)

Madagascar, November 20

Pakistan, December 1

Article IV Consultations

Greece: Conclusions of IMF Mission, November 22

Belgium: Concluding Statement, November 30

Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (date posted)

Tanzania, December 1

Guyana, Interim Paper, December 4


Kosovo: Macroeconomic Issues and Fiscal Sustainability,

November 17

Schedule of Public Engagements of IMF Management,

November 17

IMF Rates, November 20 and December 4

IMF Financial Activities, November 27 and December 1

Impact of Debt Reduction under the HIPC Initiative on

External Debt Service and Social Expenditures,

November 30

IMF Research Bulletin, December 1

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