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IMF Survey Vol.29, No.8 April 2000

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International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
January 2000
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Spring Meetings 2000: Official communiqués, statements, transcripts, and other materials from the IMF-World Bank Spring Meetings 2000.

Press Releases

00/25: IMF Approves Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility Loan for Tanzania, April 5

00/26: IMF and IDA Support Debt Relief for Tanzania, April 5

00/27: IMF Establishes Independent Evaluation Office, April 10

00/28: Mozambique Qualifies for an Additional $600 Million in Debt Relief under the Enhanced HIPC Initiative, Bringing Mozambique Total Debt Reduction under the Initiative to $4.3 Billion

00/29: IMF Appoints Flemming Larsen as New Director of Europe Office, April 14,2000

00/30: Joint IMF-World Bank Implementation Committee for the HIPC Initiative and the PRSP Program, April 16

00/31: communiqué of the International Monetary and Financial Committee of the Board of Governors of the IMF, April 16

00/32: IMF Approves Stand-By Credit for Ecuador, April 19

News Briefs

00/20: IMF Completes Bulgaria Review and Approves $70 Million Credit Tranche, March 31

00/21: IMF Completes Off-Market Gold Sales, April 7

00/22: President of Colombia Meets IMF Acting Managing Director, April 11

Public Information Notices (PINs)

00/25: Poland, March 31

00/26: IMF Executive Board Discusses the Monetary and Exchange Rate Policies of the Euro Area, April 3

00/27: Kuwait, April 4

00/28: IMF Adopts Added Safeguards on Use of Its Resources, April 4

00/29: Burundi, April 7

00/30: Liberia, April 11

00/31: IMF Executive Board Reviews Data Standards, April 11

00/32: Bulgaria, April 19

Press Briefings

Transcript of a press briefing by Jacques Artus, Deputy Director, IMF European I Department, April 4 Transcript of a press briefing by Stanley Fischer, April 5 Transcript of a press briefing on the April 2000 World Economic Outlook, April 12

Transcript of a press briefing by Stanley Fisher, April 13


Remarks by IMF Deputy Managing Director Eduardo Aninat at the German Foundation for International Development, Berlin, March 14

Remarks by Stanley Fischer at the Bretton Woods Committee Meeting, April 4

Remarks by Stanley Fischer at the conference entitled “Investment Climate and Prospects for Economic Growth in Russia,” Moscow, April 6

Lunch address by Stanley Fischer at conference entitled “Promoting Dialogue: Global Challenges and Global Institutions,” April 13

Letters of Intent and Memorandums of Economic and Financial Policies (date posted)

Trinidad and Tobago, March 31

Papua New Guinea, March 31

Tanzania (includes Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper), April 3

Bulgaria, April 5

Bosnia and Herzegovina, April 10

Concluding Remarks for Article IV Consultations (date posted)

Italy, March 31

Netherlands, April 4


Review of Experience with Evaluation in the Fund, prepared by the Evaluation Group of IMF Executive Directors, March 14

Third Review of the Fund’s Data Standards Initiatives, March 15

Policy Statement of IMF Technical Assistance, March 31 Review of Fund Facilities—Preliminary Considerations, March 31

Financial Assistance for the IMF’s Poorest Members, April 3

Bulgaria: Experimental Reports on Observance of Standards and Codes, April


PINs are IMF Executive Board assessments of members’ economic prospects and policies. They are issued following Article IV consultations—with the consent of the member—with background on the members’ economies; and following policy discussions in the Executive Board at the decision of the Board.

Letters of Intent and Memorandums of Economic and Financial Policies are prepared by a member country and describe the policies that the country intends to implement in the context of its request for financial support from the IMF.

Concluding Remarks for Article IV Consultations. At the conclusion of annual Article IV discussions with the authorities, and prior to the preparation of the staff’s report to the Executive Board, the IMF mission often provides the authorities with a statement of its preliminary findings.

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