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Published Date:
January 1991
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Listed below are some of the books we received but were unable to review because of lack of space.

Rudiger Dornbusch and Steve Marcus (editors), International Money and Debt: Challenges for the World Economy, ICS Press, San Francisco, CA, USA, 1991, x + 200 pp., $12.95 (paper).

J.L. Dubois and D. Blaizeau, Connaitre les conditions de vie des ménages dans les pays en développement, Ministere de la Cooperation et du Développement, Paris, France, 1989, Vol. 1,165 pp., FF72; Vol. II, 312 pp., FF84; and Vol. III., 175 pp., FF72.

Richard E. Feinberg, John Echeverri-Gent, and Friedemann Miller, and contributors, Economic Reform in Three Giants: U.S. Foreign Policy and the USSR, China, and India, Transaction Books, New Brunswick, NJ, USA, 1990, viii + 247 pp., $24.95 ($15.95 paper).

Helmut Forstner and Robert Ballance, Competing in a Global Economy, Unwin Hyman, Winchester, MA, USA, 1990, xvi + 225 pp., $49.95.

David Glover and Ken Kusterer, Small Farmers, Big Business Contract Farming, and Rural Development, St. Martin’s Press, New York, NY, USA, 1990, vii + 170 pp., $45.

J. Orstrom Molher, Technology and Culture in a European Context, Handelshojskolens Forlag, Copenhagen, 1990, 48 pp., 88 DKK.

David Pearce, Edward Barbier, and Anil Markandya, Sustainable Development: Economies and Environment in the Third World, Earthscan Publications, London, England, 1990, xi + 217 pp., £9.95.

Pascal Salin, Macroéconomie, Presses Universitaires de France, Paris, France, 1991, vii + 388 pp., FF125.

D.S. Tyagi and Vijay Shankar Vyas (editors), Increasing Access to Food: The Asian Experience, Sage Publications, Newbury Park, CA, USA, 1991, 455 pp., $27.50.

John K. Whitaker (editor), Centenary Essays on Alfred Marshall, Cambridge University Press, New York, NY, USA, xii + 298 pp., $49.50.

International Monetary Fund announces…

The IMF’s Statistical Systems in Context of Revision of the United Nations’ A System of National Accounts

IMF’s Statistical Department and edited by Vicente Galbis

Experts from the IMF, UN, OECD, EC, and statistical institutions examine issues pertaining to external sector transactions, public sector accounts, and financial flows and balances.

US$35.00. English, (paper) xxvii + 599 pp. 1991. ISBN 1-55775-159-5 Stock # ISSCEA

Legal Effects of Fluctuating Exchange Rates

by Joseph Gold

This volume discusses some of the major legal effects of fluctuating exchange rates in both public international law and national law. The problems and similarities in the solutions are reviewed, and the author recommends further developments in the law.

US$37.50. English, (cloth) xviii + 473 pp. 1990.

ISBN 1-55775-173-0

Stock # LEFEEA

Financial Liberalization, Money Demand, and Monetary Policy in Asian Countries

by Wanda Tseng and Robert Corker

Occasional Paper 84 examines the financial reforms undertaken by nine Asian countries in the 1980s (Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Thailand), and their implications for money demand and monetary policy.

US$10.00. English, (paper) ISBN 1-55775-220-6

Stock # S084EA

Economic Reform in Hungary Since 1968

by Anthony R. Boote and Janos Somogyi

This paper, Occasional Paper No. 83, examines Hungary’s reforms since 1968, and discusses the Government’s medium-term adjustment program, unveiled in the fall of 1990, which aims to install the key elements of a market economy in three years.

US$10.00. English, (paper) ISBN 1-55775-216-8

Stock # S083EA

Characteristics of a Successful Exchange Rate System

by Jacob A. Frenkel, Morris Goldstein, and Paul Masson

This study, Occasional paper 82, identifies the key characteristics of a successful exchange rate system. It focuses on regimes in the industrial countries and considers the implications for the operation of the international monetary system.

US$10.00. English, (paper) ISBN 1-55775-215-X

Stock # S082EA

Currency Convertibility and the Transformation of Centrally Planned Economies

by Joshua E. Greene and Peter Isard

This study, Occasional Paper 81, examines the problems in establishing currency convertibility—and the optimal timing—in formerly planned economies transforming toward market-oriented systems.

US$10.00. English, (paper) ISBN 1-55775-214-1

Stock # S081EA

Domestic Public Debt of Externally Indebted Countries

by Pablo E. Guidotti and Manmohan S. Kumar

This study, Occasional Paper 80, discusses the evolution of domestic public debt in several indebted countries and its relationship with their external debt and underlying fiscal developments. It examines the links between domestic and external debt, taxes, subsidies, and government spending, and reviews strategies for managing domestic public debt.

US$10.00. English, (paper) ISBN 1-55775-208-7

Stock # S080EA

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