Journal Issue

Index 1988 Volume 25

International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
December 1988
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Jahangir Amuzegar, The US External Debt in Perspective, June p. 18

Guy Antoine, IFC’s Initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa, December p. 37

Akira Ariyoshi, Japanese Capital Flows, September p. 28

Nancy Birdsall and Frederick Sal, Family Planning Services in Sub-Saharan Africa, March p. 28

Michael Blackwell and Simon Nocera, The Impact of Debt to Equity Conversion, June p. 15

Julian Blackwood, World Bank Experience with Rural Development, December p. 12

Mario Blejer and Adrlenne Cheasty, Some Lessons from “Heterodox” Stabilization Programs, September p. 16

Mario Blejer and Isabel Guerrero, Stabilization Policies and Income Distribution in the Philippines, December p.6

Mario Blejer and Silvia Sagari, Sequencing the Liberalization of Financial Markets, March p. 18

Gisli Blondal, Government Financial Reporting Systems in LDCs, September p. 12

David Bock, The Bank’s Role in Resolving the Debt Crisis, June p. 6

Avishay Braverman and Jeffrey Hammer, Computer Models for Agricultural Policy Analysis, June p. 34

Shahid Javad Burkl, Reform and Growth in China, December p. 46

Michel Camdessus, The IMF: Facing New Challenges, June p. 2

Michael Cernea, Involuntary Resettlement and Development, September p. 44

Sheetal Chand and Reinold van Til, Ghana: Toward Successful Stabilization and Recovery, March p. 32

Ajay Chhibber, Raising Agricultural Output: Price and Nonprice Factors, June p. 44

Ke-young Chu, External Shocks and Fiscal Policy in LDCs, June p. 28

John Cleave, Environmental Assessments, March p. 44

William Cline, International Debt: Progress and Strategy, June p. 9

Andrew Crockett, Indicators and International Economic Cooperation, September p. 20

Dean DeRosa, Agricultural Trade and Protection in Asia, December p. 50

Walter Elkan, Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship in Africa, December p. 20

Fiscal Policies, Adjustment, and Stabilization, September p. 9

Bruce Fitzgerald and Terry Monson, Export Credit and Insurance for Export Promotion, December p. 53

A Glossary of Selected Financial Terms, March p.21

David Gill and Peter Tropper, Emerging Stock Markets in Developing Countries, December p. 28

Robert Goodland, Management of Cultural Property in Bank Projects, March p. 48

Cheryl Gray and Johannes Linn, Improving Public Finance for Development, September p. 2

Keith Griffin, Toward a Cooperative Settlement of the Debt Problem, June p. 12

Ralph Harbison and Aklllu Habte, External Aid for African Education, March p. 24

Peter Heller, Fund-Supported Adjustment Programs and the Poor, December p. 2

Richard Hamming and Ali Mansoor, Is Privatization the Answer?, September p. 31

The IFC At a Glance, December p. 39

Emmanuel Jimenez, Urban Services and Rural Infrastructure, September p. 6

Omotunde Johnson, Agriculture and Fund-Supported Adjustment Programs, June p. 38

Peter Jones, Corporate Debt Restructuring in LDCs, December p. 34

G. Russell Klncaid, Policy Implications of Structural Changes in Financial Markets, March p. 2

Hakan Lonaeus, How the Bank finances Its Operations, September p. 40

Peter Moock and Dean Jamison, Educational Development in Sub-Saharan Africa, March p. 22

Thomas Morrison and Michael Wattleworth, Causes of the 1984–86 Commodity Price Decline, June p. 31

New Fund Facility Established, March p.27

Guy Pfeffermann and Dale Welgel, The Private Sector and the Policy Environment, December p. 25

Roger Pownall and Brian Stuart, The IMF’s Compensatory and Contingency Financing Facility, December p. 9

Peter Quirk and Viktor Schools, Forward Foreign Exchange Markets in LDCs, September p. 36

Klaus Regllng, New Financing Approaches in the Debt Strategy, March p. 6

Sir William Ryrie, IFC: Growth and Diversification, December p. 22

Edward Schuh and Shawki Barghoutl, Agricultural Diversification in Asia, June p. 41

Arjun Sengupta, What is to be done with the Japanese Surplus?, September p. 24

Charles Sethness, Capital Market Development, December p. 32

Mary Shirley, Promoting the Private Sector, March p. 40

Mary Shirley, The Experience with Privatization, September p. 34

William Steel, Adjusting Industrial Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa, March p. 36

Ernest Stern, World Bank General Capital Increase, June p. 20

V. Sundararajan and Lazaros Molho, Financial Reform in Indonesia, December p. 43

Karen Swlderskl, Economic Reform in a Planned Economy: the Case of Poland, June p. 24

Shlnji Takagl, The Changing Japanese Financial System, March p. 10

Vito Tanzi, Issues in Coordination of Fiscal Policies, December p. 16

Delano Vlllanueva, Issues in Financial Sector Reform, March p. 14

Women and Development, September p. 43

World Economy In Transition, September p. 47


Abel Aganbegyan, The Economic Challenge of Perestroika, reviewed by Thomas Wolf, December

Sven Arndt and David Richardson, editors, Real-Financial Linkages Among Open Economies, reviewed by Jocelyn Home, June

Peter Berger and Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao, In Search of an East Asian Development Model, reviewed by Yung Whee Rhee, December

Alan Blinder, Hard Heads, Soft Hearts, reviewed by Bahram Nowzad, December

James Boyce, Agrarian Impasse in Bengal, reviewed by A.R. Khan, September

Colin Bradford, Jr. and William Branson, editors, Trade and Structural Change in Pacific Asia, reviewed by Mieko Nishimizu, December

Thomas Bradshaw et al, editors, America’s New Competitors, reviewed by Mieko Nishimizu, December

Ralph Bryant et al, editors, Empirical Macroeconomics for Interdependent Economies, reviewed by Andrew Crockett, September

Ralph Bryant and Richard Portes, editors, Global Macroeconomics—Policy Conflict and Cooperation, reviewed by Andrew Crockett, September

Giovanni Cornia et al, editors, Adjustment with a Human Face, reviwed by Guy Pfetfermann, December

John Eatwell, Murray Mllgate, and Peter Newman, editors, The New Palgrave, reviewed by Bahram Nowzad, June

Maxwell Fry, Money, Interest, and Banking in Economic Development, reviewed by Sergio Pereira Leite, September

John Kenneth Galbralth, Economics in Perspective, reviewed by Bahram Nowzad, March

Richard Goodwin and Lionello Punzo, The Dynamics of a Capitalist Economy, reviewed by David Folkerts-Landau, September

David Greenway, editor, Economic Development and International Trade, reviewed by Yung Whee Rhee, December

Ed Hewett, Reforming the Soviet Economy, reviewed by Thomas Wolf, December

Richard Kilmer and Walter Armbruster, editors, Economic Efficiency in Agricultural and Food Marketing, reviewed by Peter Hazell, June

Charles Klndleberger, International Capital Movements, reviewed by Eduardo Borensztein, March

Lawrence Lau, editor, Models of Development, reviewed by Robert Wade, March

Robert Lawrence and Charles Shultze, editors, Barriers to European Growth, reviewed by Subhash-Thakur, September

Edward Lincoln, Japan: Facing Economic Maturity, reviewed by Mieko Nishimizu, December

Hans Linnemann, editor, Export-Oriented Industrialization in Developing Countries, reviewed by Yung Whee Rhee, December

James McLure, Jr., The Value-Added Tax, reviewed by Alan Tait, March

Neil McMullen, Seeds and World Agricultural Progress, reviewed by G. Edward Schuh, June

John Mellor and Ralauddln Ahmad, editors, Agricultural Price Policy for Developing Countries, reviewed by Vijay Vyas, December

André Neurrlsse, Le Franc CFA, reviewed by Rattan Bhatia, June

Robert Paarlberg, Fixing Farm Trade, reviewed by Anandarup Ray, March John Ravenhlll, Africa in Economic Crisis, reviwed by Ishrat Husain, December

Roger Riddell, Foreign Aid Reconsidered, reviewed by Robert Ayres, June

Robert Stern, editor, US Trade Policies in a Changing World Economy, reviewed by Clemens Boonekamp, September

Peter Timmer, editor, The Corn Economy of Indonesia, reviewed by Donald Mitchell, September

John Williamson and Marcus Miller, editors, Targets and Indicators, reviewed by James Boughton, March

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