Journal Issue
Finance & Development, December 1980


International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
December 1980
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Finance & Development

Adjustment to the changing international structure of production
Helen Hughes and Goran OhlinJune21
Bahrain’s offshore banking center
A.S. Gerakis and O. RoncesvallesJune29
The changing gold market, 1978-80
Michael G. MartinDecember40
Community health care in developing countries
Fredrick L. GolladaySeptember35
Currents of change
Monica GruderDecember6
Development problems of nonfuel mineral exporting countries
Gobind T. NankaniMarch6
Developments in the world economySeptember6
Double-digit inflation: a wasteful tax for the developing world
George M. von FurstenbergSeptember28
Economic development and adjustment in Asia, 1974-78
Kunio SaitoMarch36
Energy and the role of gasoline taxation
Alan A. Tait and David R. MorganJune7
Exchange rate indicatorsJune40
Exchange rates, inflation and the vicious circle
Marian BondMarch27
Family planning programs and fertility decline
Roberto CucaDecember37
Fund conditionality and the international adjustment process: the early period, 1950-70
Manuel GuitiánDecember23
International monetary stability—challenges and response
Avinash BhagwatDecember3
An international perspective on basic needs
Mahbub ul HaqSeptember11
Is there a tradeoff between growth and basic needs?
Norman L. HicksJune17
Labor-based civil construction
Basil P. Coukis and Orville F. Grimes, JrMarch32
Limits to taxation
Richard GoodeMarch11
Managing external debt in developing countries
Bahram NowzadSeptember24
Managing the demand for energy in the developing world
Raymond GoodmanDecember9
Managing the demand for energy in the industrial world
Peter J. QuirkDecember14
Migration and manpower needs in the Middle East and North Africa, 1975–85
Ismail Serageldin and James SocknatDecember32
Official borrowing abroad: some reflections
E. Walter RobichekMarch14
Pegging to a currency basket in a world of floating rates
Leslie Lipschitz and V. SundararajanJune25
Poverty and progress—choices for the developing world
Hollis B. CheneryJune12
Reflections on the international monetary system
Albert S. GetsteinSeptember40
Renewable energy: alcohol from biomass
Harinder S. KohliDecember18
The role of the family in development
Constantina Safilios-RothschildDecember44
Root crops: potential for food and energy
T.J. GoeringJune32
Sectoral priorities for meeting basic needs
Shahid Javed BurkiMarch18
Stabilization programs and income distribution
Omotunde Johnson and Joanne SalopDecember28
A strategy to reduce malnutrition
Alan BergMarch23
Tax-base erosion and inflation: the case of Ghana
Charles MansfieldSeptember31
Use of migrants’ remittances in labor-exporting countries
AnandG. ChandavarkarJune36
World Bank lending for structural adjustment
E. Peter WrightSeptember20
World Development Report, 1980—principalSeptember15
Book noticesIssuePage
Aliber, Robert Z., Exchange Risk and Corporate International Finance
Reviewed by Susan M. SchadlerSeptember42
Beranek, William, Jr. and Gustav Ranis (editors), Science. Technology and Economic Development: A Historical and Comparative Study
Reviewed by Donald B. KeesingMarch40
Broehl, Wayne G., Jr., The Village Entrepreneur: Change Agents in India’s Rural Development
Reviewed by Charles TaylorJune45
Clark, Rodney, The Japanese Company
Reviewed by John BoormanJune44
Coulbois, Paul, Finance Internationale: Vol. 1. Le Change
Reviewed by Julius RosenblattMarch41
Frank, Isaiah, Foreign Enterprise in Developing Countries
Reviewed by Roger S. LeedsDecember48
García de Vinuesa, Carlos, La Cooperación Monetaria Europea
Reviewed by Vicente GalbisMarch42
Mellor, John W. (editor), India: A Rising Middle Power
Reviewed by Charles TaylorJune45
Mendelsohn, M.S., Money on the Move: The Modern International Capital Market
Reviewed by Jo SaxeSeptember42
Méndez, José María, El Fondo Monetario Internacional
Reviewed by Vicente GalbisMarch42
Le Monde, La nouvelle économie anglaise
Reviewed by J. SomogyiDecember50
Le Monde, Vingt ans de réussite allemande
Reviewed by J. SomogyiDecember50
Muns, J., Crisis y Reforma del Sistema Monetario Internacional
Reviewed by Vicente GalbisMarch42
Parry, Thomas G., The Multinational Enterprise: International Investment and Host-Country Impacts
Reviewed by Roger S. LeadsDecember48
Schultz, Theodore W. (editor). Distortions of Agricultural Incentives
Reviewed by J. Price GittingerMarch41
Sekiguchi, Sueo, Japanese Direct Foreign Investment
Reviewed by John BoormanJune44
Tsurumi, Yoshi, Sogoshosha: Engines of Export-Based Growth
Reviewed by Shahid YusufDecember49
Vogel, Ezra F., Japan as Number One: Lessons for America
Reviewed by John BoormanJune44
Young, Alexander, The Sogoshosha; Japan’s Multinational Trading Companies
Reviewed by Shahid YusufDecember49



SDRs, Currencies, and Gold: Fourth Survey of New Legal Developments by Joseph Gold (Pamphlet No. 33)

This pamphlet is the fourth survey of certain changes in international and national monetary law and practice that have come about as the result of the Second Amendment of the Fund’s Articles of Agreement and of the monetary arrangements that are now permissible. The changes are pertinent mainly to three principles that are recognized by the present Articles: the special drawing right is to become the principal reserve asset in the international monetary system; the role of gold in the system is to be reduced gradually; and the par value system has been abrogated and members of the Fund are free to choose their exchange rate arrangements.

Compensatory Financing Facility by Louis M. Goreux (Pamphlet No. 34)

This pamphlet describes the objectives and modus operandi of the Fund’s compensatory financing facility. There are separate sections describing the main features of the facility, the nature of fluctuations in export earnings, and the operation of the facility. Appendices include a comparison between the Fund’s facility and the compensatory financing scheme (Stabex) administered by the European Community.

Both pamphlets are available in English; French and Spanish editions will be available shortly.


International Capital Markets: Recent Developments and Short-Term Prospects by a staff team headed by R.C. Williams, Exchange and Trade Relations Department

This paper describes and analyzes recent developments in international capital markets, reviews issues facing banks operating in these markets, and makes a preliminary assessment of market conditions and financing flows over the short term. It includes appendices on the financing of payments imbalances through international capital markets during the period 1974-78 and on the implications of growth of the Eurocurrency market for monetary policy and inflation.

Copies may be obtained free of charge from:

Office of External Relations

Attention: Publications Section

International Monetary Fund

Washington, D.C. 20431, U.S.A.

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