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April 2012
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Resolution No. 63–1 Thirteenth General Review of Quotas

In accordance with Section 13 of the By-Laws, the following Resolution was submitted to the Governors on January 2, 2008 for a vote without meeting:


THAT the Board of Governors, having noted the report of the Executive Board entitled Thirteenth General Review of Quotas—Report of the Executive Board to the Board of Governors, hereby resolves to conclude this review under Article III, Section 2(a) with no proposal to increase quotas. It notes the intention of the Executive Board during the period of the Fourteenth General Review, which the Articles of Agreement provide commences upon completion of the present review, to monitor closely and assess the adequacy of Fund resources.

The Board of Governors adopted the foregoing Resolution, effective January 28, 2008.

Resolution No. 63–2 Reform of Quota and Voice in the International Monetary Fund

In accordance with Section 13 of the By-Laws, the following Resolution was submitted to the Governors on March 28, 2008 for a vote without meeting. Considering that the Resolution is also proposing adjustments in the quotas of members that have requested such adjustment and whose names are listed in Attachment I of the Resolution, the adoption of the Resolution requires positive responses from Governors having an eighty-five percent majority of the total voting power:

WHEREAS in response to the request of the Board of Governors set forth in Resolution 61–5, the Executive Board has submitted to the Board of Governors a report entitled “Reform of Quota and Voice in the International Monetary Fund: Report of the Executive Board to the Board of Governors”, hereinafter the “Report”; and

WHEREAS the Executive Board has recommended increases in the quotas of a number of Fund members, all of whom have requested that their quotas be increased; and

WHEREAS in response to the request of the Board of Governors set forth in Resolution 61–5, the Executive Board has proposed an amendment of the Articles of Agreement that (a) would have the effect of increasing the number of basic votes of members and establish a mechanism to ensure that the ratio of the sum of the basic votes of all members to the sum of the total voting power of all members remains constant and (b) would enable each Executive Director elected by a large number of members to appoint a second Alternate Executive Director; and

WHEREAS the Chairman of the Board of Governors has requested the Secretary of the Fund to bring the proposal of the Executive Board before the Board of Governors; and

WHEREAS the Report of the Executive Board setting forth its proposal has been submitted to the Board of Governors by the Secretary of the Fund; and

WHEREAS the Executive Board has requested the Board of Governors to vote on the following Resolution without meeting, pursuant to Section 13 of the By-Laws of the Fund:

NOW THEREFORE, the Board of Governors, noting the recommendation and the said Report of the Executive Board, hereby RESOLVES that:

A. Increase in Quotas of Members

1. The International Monetary Fund proposes that, subject to the provisions of this Resolution, the quotas of members of the Fund listed in Attachment I to this Resolution shall be increased to the amounts shown against their names in Attachment I.

2. A member’s increase in quota shall not become effective unless the member in question has consented in writing to the increase and has paid to the Fund the full amount of such increase. Each member shall pay 25 percent of its increase either in special drawing rights or in the currencies of other members specified, with their concurrence, by the Fund, or in any combination of special drawing rights and such currencies. The balance of the increase shall be paid by each member in its own currency.

3. Each member shall consent to the proposed increase of its quota no later than October 31, 2008; provided that the Executive Board may extend this period as it may determine, taking into account, in particular, the need of members to obtain domestic legislative approval.

4. Each member shall pay to the Fund the increase in its quota within 30 days of the later of (a) the date on which it notifies the Fund of its consent or (b) the date on which the requirement for the effectiveness of the increase in quota under paragraph 5 below has been met; provided that the Executive Board may extend the payment period as it may determine.

5. No increase in quota shall become effective before the entry into force of the proposed amendment of the Articles of Agreement approved by this Resolution.

B. Future Quota Reviews

To ensure that members’ quota shares continue to reflect their relative positions in the world economy, the Executive Board is requested to recommend further realignments of members’ quota shares in the context of future general quota reviews, beginning with the Fourteenth General Review of Quotas.

C. Amendment of the Articles of Agreement

1. The proposed amendment of the Articles of Agreement of the International Monetary Fund set forth in Attachment II to this Resolution (the Proposed Amendment to Enhance Voice and Participation in the International Monetary Fund) is approved.

2. The Secretary is directed to ask all members of the Fund, by circular letter or telegram, or other rapid means of communication, whether they accept, in accordance with the provisions of Article XXVIII of the Articles, the Proposed Amendment to Enhance Voice and Participation in the International Monetary Fund.

3. The communication to be sent to all members in accordance with the previous paragraph shall specify that the Proposed Amendment to Enhance Voice and Participation in the International Monetary Fund shall enter into force for all members as of the date on which the Fund certifies, by formal communication addressed to all members, that three-fifths of the members, having eighty-five percent of the total voting power, have accepted the Proposed Amendment to Enhance Voice and Participation in the International Monetary Fund.

D. Members Entitled to Appoint Two Alternate Executive Directors

1. Following the first regular election of Executive Directors after entry into force of the Proposed Amendment to Enhance Voice and Participation in the International Monetary Fund, an Executive Director elected by at least 19 members shall be entitled to appoint two Alternate Executive Directors.

2. As a condition for appointing two Alternate Executive Directors, an Executive Director is required to designate by notification to the Secretary of the Fund: (i) the Alternate who shall act for the Executive Director when he is not present and both Alternates are present and (ii) the Alternate who shall exercise the powers of the Executive Director pursuant to Article XII, Section 3(f). By notification to the Secretary of the Fund, an Executive Director may change these designations at any time.

Attachment I

Proposed Quota (In millions of SDRs)Proposed Quota (In millions of SDRs)
Brazil4,250.5Palau, Republic of3.5
Cape Verde11.2Philippines1,019.3
Costa Rica187.1Qatar302.6
Cyprus158.2San Marino22.4
Czech Republic1,002.2Seychelles10.9
Ecuador347.8Slovak Republic427.5
Equatorial Guinea52.3Slovenia275.0
Estonia93.9Syrian Arab Republic346.8
Israel1,061.1United Arab Emirates752.5
Italy7,882.3United States42,122.4

Attachment II

Proposed Amendment of the Articles of Agreement of the International Monetary Fund to Enhance Voice and Participation in the International Monetary Fund

The Governments on whose behalf the present Agreement is signed agree as follows:

1. The text of Article XII, Section 3(e) shall be amended to read as follows:

  • “(e) Each Executive Director shall appoint an Alternate with full power to act for him when he is not present, provided that the Board of Governors may adopt rules enabling an Executive Director elected by more than a specified number of members to appoint two Alternates. Such rules, if adopted, may only be modified in the context of the regular election of Executive Directors and shall require an Executive Director appointing two Alternates to designate: (i) the Alternate who shall act for the Executive Director when he is not present and both Alternates are present and (ii) the Alternate who shall exercise the powers of the Executive Director under (f) below. When the Executive Directors appointing them are present, Alternates may participate in meetings but may not vote.”

2. The text of Article XII, Section 5(a) shall be amended to read as follows:

  • “(a) The total votes of each member shall be equal to the sum of its basic votes and its quota-based votes.
    • (i) The basic votes of each member shall be the number of votes that results from the equal distribution among all the members of 5.502 percent of the aggregate sum of the total voting power of all the members, provided that there shall be no fractional basic votes.
    • (ii) The quota-based votes of each member shall be the number of votes that results from the allocation of one vote for each part of its quota equivalent to one hundred thousand special drawing rights.”

3. The text of paragraph 2 of Schedule L shall be amended to read as follows:

“2 The number of votes allotted to the member shall not be cast in any organ of the Fund. They shall not be included in the calculation of the total voting power, except for purposes of: (a) the acceptance of a proposed amendment pertaining exclusively to the Special Drawing Rights Department and (b) the calculation of basic votes pursuant to Article XII, Section 5(a)(i).”

The Board of Governors adopted the foregoing Resolution, effective April 28, 2008.

Resolution No. 63–3 Proposed Amendment of the Articles of Agreement of the International Monetary Fund to Expand the Investment Authority of the International Monetary Fund

In accordance with Section 13 of the By-Laws, the following Resolution was submitted to the Governors on April 7, 2008 for a vote without meeting:

WHEREAS the International Monetary and Financial Committee has asked the Executive Board to develop specific proposals for a new income model and a new expenditure framework by the time of the 2008 Spring Meeting of the International Monetary and Financial Committee, and the Executive Board has put forward such a proposal; and

WHEREAS the implementation of certain aspects of this proposal requires an amendment of the Articles of Agreement and the Executive Board has proposed and recommended that the Board of Governors approve such an amendment, and has prepared a Report on the same; and

WHEREAS the Chairman of the Board of Governors has requested the Secretary of the Fund to bring the proposal of the Executive Board before the Board of Governors; and

WHEREAS the Report of the Executive Board setting forth its proposal has been submitted to the Board of Governors by the Secretary of the Fund; and

WHEREAS the Executive Board has requested the Board of Governors to vote on the following Resolution without meeting, pursuant to Section 13 of the By-Laws of the Fund;

NOW, THEREFORE, the Board of Governors, noting the recommendation and the said Report of the Executive Board, hereby RESOLVES that:

1. The proposed amendment of the Articles of Agreement of the International Monetary Fund (Proposed Amendment of the Articles of Agreement of the International Monetary Fund to Expand the Investment Authority of the International Monetary Fund) that is attached to this Resolution is approved.

2. The Secretary of the Fund is directed to ask all members of the Fund, by circular letter, telegram or other rapid means of communication, whether they accept, in accordance with the provisions of Article XXVIII of the Articles, the Proposed Amendment of the Articles of Agreement of the International Monetary Fund to Expand the Investment Authority of the International Monetary Fund.

3. The communication to be sent to all members in accordance with 2 above shall specify that the Proposed Amendment of the Articles of Agreement of the International Monetary Fund to Expand the Investment Authority of the International Monetary Fund shall enter into force for all members as of the date on which the Fund certifies, by a formal communication addressed to all members, that three-fifths of the members, having eighty-five percent of the total voting power, have accepted the Proposed Amendment of the Articles of Agreement of the International Monetary Fund to Expand the Investment Authority of the International Monetary Fund.


Proposed Amendment of the Articles of Agreement of the International Monetary Fund to Expand the Investment Authority of the International Monetary Fund

The Governments on whose behalf the present Agreement is signed agree as follows:

1. The text of Article XII, Section 6(f)(iii) shall be amended to read as follows:

“(iii) The Fund may use a member’s currency held in the Investment Account for investment as it may determine, in accordance with rules and regulations adopted by the Fund by a seventy percent majority of the total voting power. The rules and regulations adopted pursuant to this provision shall be consistent with (vii), (viii), and (ix) below.”

2. The text of Article XII, Section 6(f)(vi) shall be amended to read as follows:

“(vi) The Investment Account shall be terminated in the event of liquidation of the Fund and may be terminated, or the amount of the investment may be reduced, prior to liquidation of the Fund by a seventy percent majority of the total voting power.”

3. The text of Article V, Section 12(h) shall be amended to read as follows:

“(h) Pending uses specified under (f) above, the Fund may use a member’s currency held in the Special Disbursement Account for investment as it may determine, in accordance with rules and regulations adopted by the Fund by a seventy percent majority of the total voting power. The income of investment and interest received under (f)(ii) above shall be placed in the Special Disbursement Account.”

4. A new Article V, Section 12(k) shall be added to the Articles to read as follows:

“(k) Whenever under (c) above the Fund sells gold acquired by it after the date of the second amendment of this Agreement, an amount of the proceeds equivalent to the acquisition price of the gold shall be placed in the General Resources Account, and any excess shall be placed in the Investment Account for use pursuant to the provisions of Article XII, Section 6(f). If any gold acquired by the Fund after the date of the second amendment of this Agreement is sold after April 7, 2008 but prior to the date of entry into force of this provision, then, upon the entry into force of this provision, and notwithstanding the limit set forth in Article XII, Section 6(f)(ii), the Fund shall transfer to the Investment Account from the General Resources Account an amount equal to the proceeds of such sale less (i) the acquisition price of the gold sold, and (ii) any amount of such proceeds in excess of the acquisition price that may have already been transferred to the Investment Account prior to the date of entry into force of this provision.”

The Board of Governors adopted the foregoing Resolution, effective May 5, 2008.

Resolution No. 63–4 Direct Remuneration of Executive Directors and their Alternates

Pursuant to Section 14(e) of the By-Laws, the 2008 Joint Committee on the Remuneration of Executive Directors and their Alternates on June 25, 2008 directed the Secretary of the Fund to transmit its report and recommendations to the Board of Governors of the Fund. The Committee’s report contained the following proposed Resolution for adoption by the Board of Governors.

In accordance with Section 13 of the By-Laws, the following Resolution was submitted to the Governors on June 26, 2008 for a vote without meeting:


THAT, effective July 1, 2008, the remuneration of the Executive Directors of the Fund and their Alternates pursuant to Section 14(e) of the By-Laws shall be paid in the form of salary without a separate supplemental allowance, and such salary shall be paid at the annual rate of $230,790 per year for Executive Directors and $199,650 per year for their Alternates.

The Board of Governors adopted the foregoing Resolution, effective July 25, 2008.

Resolution No. 63–5 2008 Regular Election of Executive Directors

The Executive Board decided on July 25, 2008, to propose a draft Resolution of the Board of Governors, by which the Board of Governors would adopt: (a) the draft Regulations for the Conduct of the 2008 Regular Election of Executive Directors; and (b) the recommendations relating to the timing of the next regular election. The recommendation that there should continue to be nineteen elective Executive Directors requires that the draft Resolution be adopted by an eighty-five percent majority of the total voting power, as specified in Article XII, Section 3(b).

In accordance with Section 13 of the By-Laws, the following Resolution was submitted to the Governors on July 28, 2008 for a vote without meeting:


  • (a) In accordance with paragraph (b) of Resolution No. 61–3 adopted on August 1, 2006, which provides that “a Regular Election of Executive Directors shall take place in 2008”, the proposed Regulations for the Conduct of the 2008 Regular Election of Executive Directors are hereby adopted; and
  • (b) That the next Regular Election of Executive Directors shall take place in 2010.

The Board of Governors adopted the foregoing Resolution, effective August 18, 2008.

Resolution No. 63–6 Reimbursement for Reasonable Expenses Incurred by Governors and Alternates in Attending Meetings of the Board of Governors—Amendment of Section 14(a) of the By-Laws

As part of the measures required to reduce Fund expenses and share the burden of such reductions across the Fund, the Managing Director proposed to discontinue reimbursement of travel expenses incurred by Governors and Alternates in attending meetings of the Board of Governors, as well as to reduce the number of days for which the Fund will pay them a per diem to compensate for accommodation and meals during those meetings. In that regard, on September 8, 2008 the Executive Board directed the Secretary of the Fund to transmit its report to the Board of Governors of the Fund. The report recommended to the Board of Governors that Section 14(a) of the By-Laws be amended to specifically exclude travel expenses from the reasonable expenses to be reimbursed.

In accordance with Section 13 of the By-Laws, the following Resolution was submitted to the Governors on September 8, 2008 for a vote without meeting:


The Board of Governors hereby resolves that Paragraph (a) of Section 14 of the By-Laws is amended to read as follows:

  • (a) Governors and Alternates shall receive reimbursement for reasonable expenses incurred in attending meetings of the Board of Governors, except for travel expenses.

The Board of Governors adopted the foregoing Resolution, effective September 23, 2008.

Resolution No. 63–7 Financial Statements, Report on Audit, and Administrative and Capital Budgets


THAT the Board of Governors of the International Monetary Fund considers the Report on Audit for the Financial Year ended April 30, 2008, the Financial Statements contained therein, and the Administrative Budget for the Financial Year ending April 30, 2009 and the Capital Budget for capital projects beginning in Financial Year 2009 as fulfilling the requirements of Article XII, Section 7 of the Articles of Agreement and Section 20 of the By-Laws.

The Board of Governors adopted the foregoing Resolution, effective October 13, 2008.

International Monetary and Financial Committee of the Board of Governors of the International Monetary Fund

Press CommuniquÉ

October 11, 2008

1. The International Monetary and Financial Committee held its eighteenth meeting in Washington, D.C. on October 11, 2008 under the Chairmanship of Dr. Youssef Boutros-Ghali, the Minister of Finance of Egypt. The Committee welcomes Dr. Boutros-Ghali, the new IMFC Chairman. The Committee expresses its deep gratitude to Mr. Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa for his invaluable role as the Committee’s Chairman in securing the membership’s support for critical IMF reforms, and extends its best wishes.

2. Yesterday, October 10, the G-7 met and agreed the following plan of action:

  • “Take decisive action and use all available tools to support systemically important financial institutions and prevent their failure.
  • Take all necessary steps to unfreeze credit and money markets and ensure that banks and other financial institutions have broad access to liquidity and funding.
  • Ensure that our banks and other major financial intermediaries, as needed, can raise capital from public as well as private sources, in sufficient amounts to re-establish confidence and permit them to continue lending to households and businesses.
  • Ensure that our respective national deposit insurance and guarantee programs are robust and consistent so that our retail depositors will continue to have confidence in the safety of their deposits.
  • Take action, where appropriate, to restart the secondary markets for mortgages and other securitized assets. Accurate valuation and transparent disclosure of assets and consistent implementation of high quality accounting standards are necessary.

The actions should be taken in ways that protect taxpayers and avoid potentially damaging effects on other countries. We will use macroeconomic policy tools as necessary and appropriate. We strongly support the IMF’s critical role in assisting countries affected by this turmoil. We will accelerate full implementation of the Financial Stability Forum recommendations and we are committed to the pressing need for reform of the financial system. We will strengthen further our cooperation and work with others to accomplish this plan.”

3. Today the International Monetary and Financial Committee strongly endorsed the above commitments.

4. The Committee recognizes that the depth and systemic nature of the crisis call for exceptional vigilance, coordination, and readiness to take bold action. It underscores that the Fund has a critical mandate to foster the multilateral cooperation needed to restore and safeguard international monetary and financial stability. The Committee considers that, using its emergency procedures, the Fund stands ready to quickly make available substantial resources to help member countries cover financing needs. The Committee calls for further intensive Fund engagement across the membership to discuss and develop robust policy responses to the crisis.

5. Moreover, the Committee notes that many emerging market economies, which have implemented sound policies in recent years, may experience spillover effects from the financial crisis. The difficult global financial environment, including elevated food and fuel prices, adds to the challenges for emerging market and developing countries to preserve macroeconomic stability, sustain growth, and make progress on poverty reduction. For these reasons, it is critically important that collaborative action be coordinated between advanced and emerging economies.

6. The Committee calls on the Fund—given its universal membership, core macro-financial expertise, and its mandate to promote international financial stability—to take the lead, in line with its mandate, in drawing the necessary policy lessons from the current crisis and recommending effective actions to restore confidence and stability. It asks the Fund to focus discussion, and enhance cooperation, with a wide range of perspectives with the FSF, the G-20, and others on this issue in an inclusive setting. The Committee asks the IMF to start this initiative immediately and to report to the IMFC at the latest at its next meeting.

7. The next regular meeting of the IMFC will be held in Washington, D.C. on April 25, 2009. The attachment summarizes the Committee’s discussion on other key points.


Supporting Growth and Tackling Global Challenges

1. The Committee emphasizes that macroeconomic policies in the advanced economies need to provide essential stimulus in the face of the risk of a pronounced economic downturn, as confidence in the financial system is restored. Given the decline in commodity prices from their recent peaks and the expected slowing activity in many countries, policymakers should consider the most appropriate policy actions depending on national conditions. The Committee welcomes the recent coordinated monetary policy actions undertaken by several central banks. In a number of economies, fiscal policy has provided timely support to boost activity. Further fiscal initiatives should take account of medium-term consolidation objectives and, if undertaken, should give priority to dealing with financial problems. While macroeconomic policy priorities vary considerably across emerging market and developing economies, the Committee notes that the risk of a marked slowdown owing to financial market strains and sluggish export markets is becoming the primary concern for many of them. The Committee calls on the IMF to stand ready to assist members to prepare timely, effective, and appropriate policy responses to alleviate the impact of negative spillovers from the financial crisis.

2. The Committee is concerned that the progress made by low-income countries in achieving macroeconomic stability, fostering growth, and reducing poverty is being undermined by the adverse global environment. Many low-income countries, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, have been severely hit by higher food and fuel prices. The Committee calls on low-income countries to pursue strengthened adjustment efforts with increased donor assistance, in particular grants, to limit the effects on real income and poverty. The Committee welcomes the mission statement on low-income countries, and considers that the Fund should continue to play its part in the areas of its core expertise. The Committee welcomes the reforms to the Exogenous Shocks Facility, which allow it to be used more quickly and adequately.

3. The Committee notes the challenges posed by higher commodity prices in many countries, even though food and fuel prices have receded from their recent peaks. It recommends that shifts in international food and fuel prices be passed through to domestic markets, backed by targeted measures and adequate safety nets to protect the poor and taking into account country-specific circumstances.

4. Progress toward a more multilateral trading system has never been more important given risks to global growth. The Committee therefore calls on members to resist protectionist pressures, and reiterates its strong support for a prompt and ambitious conclusion of the Doha Development Round of trade negotiations.

5. The Committee emphasizes that it remains important to guard against global imbalances. The multilateral strategy for addressing global imbalances remains relevant, even though short-term measures will need to focus on stabilizing financial markets.

Advancing the IMF’s Surveillance Agenda

6. The Committee underscores the central role of Fund surveillance in providing clear, advance warning of risks, helping members understand the interdependence of their economies, and promoting globally consistent policy responses. The Committee takes note of the conclusion of the Triennial Surveillance Review, and endorses the Fund’s first Statement of Surveillance Priorities. The Committee calls on all members to work together cooperatively and with the Fund toward achieving the economic and operational objectives that it sets forth. The Committee calls on the Fund to press ahead with the enhanced early warning of risks and vulnerabilities, including through enhanced financial sector liaison, analysis of macro-financial linkages, and scenario analysis, and by completing the extension of its vulnerability exercise to advanced economies. The communication of these risks and vulnerabilities should be concise, authoritative, and timely, including through an enhanced World Economic Outlook and Global Financial Stability Report. Work should also be undertaken toward a reshaped Financial Sector Assessment Program that is better integrated with the Fund’s surveillance mandate, and embraces regional perspectives. The Committee looks forward to regular reporting by the Managing Director on the progress made against surveillance priorities.

Reviewing the IMF’s Lending Role

7. The Committee stresses that Fund financing has a critical role to play in giving confidence to members—subject to adequate safeguards—by helping them cope with the challenges of globalization in general and the current financial crisis in particular. It emphasizes that the Fund is ready to make full use of the flexibility already embodied in its lending instruments, particularly in the emergency procedures and provisions for exceptional access. But additional efforts are needed to review the Fund’s lending instruments, which might need to be adapted to the evolving needs of the membership. The Committee welcomes the ongoing review of the Fund’s lending role, and supports the plan to advance work in the following five areas: (i) reviewing the analytical framework for Fund lending and its coherence, including the scope for innovation in and streamlining of lending instruments, and exploring new modalities for Fund financing; (ii) creating a new liquidity instrument; (iii) re-examining Fund conditionality; (iv) reviewing the Fund’s lending facilities for low-income members; and (v) increasing access limits and financing terms for using Fund resources. The Committee urges the Executive Board to take this agenda forward expeditiously. The Committee strongly recommends that decisions be taken on an accelerated basis in those areas where there is strong consensus and particular urgency—such as the establishment of a new liquidity instrument—and on the full range of issues by the time of the 2009 Annual Meetings.

The Santiago Principles—Generally Accepted Principles and Practices for Sovereign Wealth Funds

8. The Committee welcomes the development of the Santiago Principles by the International Working Group of Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs). The Principles represent a collaborative effort by SWFs from across advanced, emerging, and developing country economies to set out a comprehensive framework, providing a clearer understanding of the operations of SWFs. Their adoption on a voluntary basis signals strong commitment to the Principles and their implementation should further enhance the stabilizing role played by SWFs in the financial markets, and help maintain the free flow of cross-border investment. The Committee welcomes the intention of the International Working Group to consider establishing a Standing Group to keep the Principles under review and explore the scope for collecting and disseminating aggregated information on SWF operations. It emphasizes that continued Fund support, if requested, should be consistent with budgetary constraints. The Committee also stresses the importance of clear and nondiscriminatory policies by recipient countries toward SWF investments. It looks forward to the completion of the work of the OECD in this area, and encourages continued dialogue and coordination between the OECD and SWFs.

Other Issues

9. The Committee welcomes the approval by the Board of Governors of the Resolution on quota and voice reforms, including the amendment of the Fund’s Articles of Agreement to enhance voice and participation in the Fund. It notes that this is an important first step toward a realignment of members’ quota and voting shares. These realignments are expected to result in increases in the quota shares of dynamic economies, and hence in the share of emerging market and developing economies as a whole. The Committee also looks forward to further work by the Executive Board on elements of the new quota formula that can be improved before the formula is used again. The Committee also welcomes the approval of the amendment broadening the Fund’s investment authority as part of the Fund’s new income model. The Committee urgently calls on all members to work toward the early completion of the domestic legislative steps required for making the quota and voice reforms and the Fund’s new income model effective.

10. The Committee recommends members’ acceptance of the amendment of the Articles of Agreement for a special one-time allocation of SDRs.

11. The Committee welcomes the ongoing re-assessment of the Fund’s governance. This involves the follow-up by the Fund’s Executive Board to the IEO Evaluation of Aspects of IMF Corporate Governance; the work of the committee of eminent persons on IMF governance reform, chaired by Mr. Trevor Manuel; and the engagement of civil society and other concerned audiences. The Committee underscores that governance reforms will require joint and collaborative efforts by all organs of the Fund. It looks forward to a progress report at its next meeting.


Surveillance Priorities for the International Monetary Fund, 2008–2011 (adopted by the IMF Executive Board on October 7, 2008)

In pursuit of its mandate to promote international monetary and financial stability, IMF surveillance will be guided through 2011 by the following priorities:

Economic priorities

The global economy faces a period of severe financial distress and slower growth alongside the challenges of sharp commodity price changes and global imbalances. The following interrelated policy objectives will be key to return to an international environment more conducive to sustainable noninflationary growth:

  • Resolve financial market distress. Restore stability and minimize the adverse impact of the current crisis in financial markets on the real economy;
  • Strengthen the global financial system by upgrading domestic and cross-border regulation and supervision, especially in major financial centers, and by avoiding the exposure of capital-importing countries, including low-income countries, to excessive risks;
  • Adjust to sharp changes in commodity prices. React to commodity price shifts in domestically appropriate and globally consistent ways, with emphasis on keeping inflationary pressures in check in boom phases and minimizing risks that could arise when prices fall;
  • Promote the orderly reduction of global imbalances while minimizing adverse real and financial repercussions.

In coordination with other International Financial Institutions, the IMF should promote a common understanding of the forces and linkages underlying these challenges; draw key lessons from different experiences to share across the membership; provide clear advance warnings of risks to global economic and financial stability; and advise on how best to use policy—in particular monetary, fiscal, exchange rate, and financial sector policies—in support of these objectives.

Operational priorities

  • Risk assessment. Refine the tools necessary to provide clear early warnings to members. Thorough analysis of major risks to baseline projections (including, where appropriate, high-cost tail risks) and their policy implications should become more systematic;
  • Financial sector surveillance and real-financial linkages. Improve analysis of financial stability, including diagnostic tools; deepen understanding of linkages, including between markets and institutions; and ensure adequate discussion in surveillance reports;
  • Multilateral perspective. Bilateral surveillance to be informed systematically by analysis of inward spillovers; outward spillovers (where relevant); and cross-country knowledge (as useful); and,
  • Analysis of exchange rates and external stability risks. In the context of strengthening external stability analysis, integrate clearer and more robust exchange rate analysis, underpinned by strengthened methodologies, into the assessment of the overall policy mix.

The Executive Board has set the above priorities to foster multilateral collaboration and guide IMF management and staff in the conduct of surveillance. These priorities look ahead three years, but may be revised if circumstances warrant. They will guide the Fund’s work within the framework for surveillance provided by the Articles of Agreement and the relevant Board decisions, including the 2007 Decision on Bilateral Surveillance. Moreover, traditional areas of strength (such as fiscal policy and debt sustainability analysis) and relevant country-specific issues should not be overlooked.

The Executive Board is responsible for conducting, guiding and evaluating surveillance in order to ensure the achievement of these priorities. Management and staff are responsible for delivering on the operational priorities, subject to members’ cooperation in line with commitments under the Articles of Agreement. To foster progress toward economic priorities, management and staff are responsible for providing candid high-quality analysis and effective communication. The Managing Director will report: (i) regularly on actions toward priorities and readily visible results; and (ii) at the time of the next Triennial Surveillance Review on progress in attaining these priorities; management’s and staff’s contributions; and factors that impeded progress.

International Monetary and Financial Committee Composition

As of October 11, 2008

Youssef Boutros-Ghali, Chairman
Ibrahim A. Al-AssafSaudi Arabia
Obaid Humaid Al Tayer1United Arab Emirates
Anders Borg2Sweden
Wouter BosNetherlands
Palaniappan Chidambaram3India
Alistair DarlingUnited Kingdom
Carlos FernándezArgentina
James Michael FlahertyCanada
Aleksei KudrinRussian Federation
Christine LagardeFrance
Mohammed LaksaciAlgeria
Blaise Louwembe4Gabon
Guido MantegaBrazil
Tito MboweniSouth Africa
Hans-Rudolf Merz5Switzerland
Shoici NakagawaJapan
Henry M. Paulson, Jr.United States
Didier Reynders6Belgium
Alí Rodríguez Araque7Venezuela
Peer SteinbrückGermany
Wayne SwanAustralia
Giulio TremontiItaly
Tarisa WatanagaseThailand
Zhou Xiaochuan8China
Alternate standing for the member:

Sultan N. Al-Suwaidi

Stefan Ingves

Duvvuri Subbarao

Hervé Nzé Nong

Jean-Pierre Roth

Bernard Clerfayt

Floria María Caricote Lovera

Yi Gang

Alternate standing for the member:

Sultan N. Al-Suwaidi

Stefan Ingves

Duvvuri Subbarao

Hervé Nzé Nong

Jean-Pierre Roth

Bernard Clerfayt

Floria María Caricote Lovera

Yi Gang

Joint Ministerial Committee Of the Boards of Governors of the Bank and the Fund On the Transfer of Real Resources to Developing Countries (Development Committee)

Press CommuniquÉ

October 12, 2008

Summary Statement

The Development Committee met today, October 12, 2008, in Washington DC.

Our meeting took place at a critical time for the global economy, with financial markets experiencing unprecedented turmoil. Developing and transition countries (DTCs) - many of them already hit hard by current high prices for energy and essential foodstuffs – risk very serious setbacks to their efforts to improve the lives of their populations from any prolonged tightening of credit or sustained global slowdown. The poorest and most vulnerable groups risk the most serious – and in some cases permanent – damage.

Against this background, we endorse the commitments made yesterday at the International Monetary and Financial Committee.

We stressed that aid volumes need to be consistent with existing commitments and we called for full compliance with these commitments.

In support of these concerted actions, we called on the World Bank to join with the IMF in drawing on the full range of its resources – finance, analysis and advice – to help DTCs strengthen their economies, maintain growth, and protect the most vulnerable groups against the impact of the current crises.

The World Bank Group stands ready to help its partner countries:

  • The Bank’s recently announced $1.2 billion rapid financing facility is providing immediate help for countries coping with the impact of high food prices on the poor, and already has $850 million approved or in the pipeline. We urge countries to consider making contributions to this fund.
  • We encouraged the Bank and its partners to move forward with a planned new program – Energy for the Poor – that would provide rapid support for countries’ efforts to strengthen social safety nets to protect the poor against the impact of high fuel bills.
  • IBRD has the financial capacity to comfortably double its annual lending to developing countries to meet additional demand from clients. IBRD lending was US$13.5 billion last fiscal year.
  • We urged IFC to explore options for helping recapitalize banks in developing countries adversely affected by the global liquidity crisis, including the possibility of a fund.

We also supported longer-term efforts beyond the immediate crisis, including:

  • Expanded help for energy-deficit countries to improve energy efficiency and improve domestic production to reduce their vulnerability to future price shocks.
  • Reforms designed to increase the World Bank’s responsiveness to its clients.
  • A new strategic framework for the World Bank to play a stronger role in helping countries deal with the causes and effects of climate change, and the recent launch of the new Climate Investment Funds.

Main Text

1. We met in Washington DC today, Sunday, October 12, 2008.

2. We are concerned by the impact of the turmoil in world financial markets and the continued high prices of fuel and food. We welcomed member countries’ commitment to take comprehensive and cooperative measures to restore financial stability and the orderly functioning of credit markets. The World Bank Group (WBG) and the IMF must help address these critical challenges, in particular the impact on developing countries, and draw lessons from the current crises. It will be crucial to maintain a focus on support for sustainable growth, poverty reduction, and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). We welcomed world leaders’ renewed commitment to the MDGs at the recent United Nations (UN) high-level event, and we reiterated the urgent need to forge a deepened global partnership at next month’s Financing for Development Conference in Doha.

3. Developing and transition countries (DTCs) could suffer serious consequences from any prolonged tightening of credit or sustained global slowdown. Prices for fuels and staple foods remain at high levels. This is pushing up inflation in many countries and worsening income distribution, setting back progress towards meeting the MDGs, in particular the poverty and human development MDGs. Higher food and energy prices are also causing balance of payments problems, which are especially severe for low-income energy importing countries, many in Africa. We recognized that countries face difficult policy challenges, including dealing with the distributional effects of the commodity price shocks and protecting the most vulnerable groups with carefully targeted assistance, controlling inflation, and managing the shocks, while maintaining sound public finances and sustaining growth.

4. We recognized the important role of the DTCs in the global economy, and called on the international community, including the WBG and the IMF, working in a coordinated way, to draw on the full range of their financial, analytical and technical assistance resources and policy advice to help DTCs strengthen their economies and maintain growth, and protect the most vulnerable groups within their populations against the short and medium term impact of the current crises. Poorer countries, with their limited sources of fiscal revenue, will be especially dependent on timely and predictable flows of Official Development Assistance (ODA). In this regard, we emphasized the enhanced importance, in the current context, of donors meeting their ODA commitments. We especially appreciate the strong increase in overall WBG commitments to members in fiscal year 2008. We welcomed the WBG’s collaboration with the UN and other partners, particularly through the UN High Level Task Force on the Global Food Crisis. Supporting President Zoellick’s call for a New Deal for Global Food Policy, we welcomed the expedited financing provided through the Global Food Crisis Response Program and parallel efforts to increase substantially the level of WBG financial and analytical support for food and agriculture. We welcomed the progress on the Energy for the Poor initiative and encouraged the WBG, with the help of donors, to finalize the proposal. This will provide rapid assistance to social safety nets, and support projects to reduce countries’ longer-term vulnerability to high and volatile fuel prices. We also welcomed the IMF’s mobilization of the Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility (PRGF) in response to its members’ needs, and the recent reform of its Exogenous Shocks Facility, which provides for easier and more rapid access to concessional assistance in response to shocks.

5. The need to address these new global stresses adds to an already extensive agenda of critical issues confronting the international community. These include meeting the challenges embodied in the MDGs and providing the necessary funding for their achievement in a transparent and accountable way. ODA volumes need to be consistent with existing commitments and we called for full compliance with these commitments. We also highlighted the role of domestic resources for development. We called for: continued attention to the sustainability and full delivery of debt relief initiatives; addressing issues of global public goods including climate change; supporting health delivery systems in developing countries and countering international health scourges including HIV-AIDS; promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women; and maintaining and building upon the system of open international markets, including completing the Doha Development Round and delivering increased aid for trade. These challenges are particularly acute in conflict-affected countries and those in fragile situations, where we need to step up our efforts at collaboration, knowledge-sharing and ensuring adequate and timely resources. We called upon the Bank to intensify its efforts to operate flexibly and effectively in fragile and post conflict situations, and we welcomed the upcoming signing of the UN-World Bank Partnership Framework and Fiduciary Principles Accord for Crisis and Emergency Situations. The above agenda serves as a reminder of the crucial importance of intensified international co-operation and multilateralism in effectively addressing shared global challenges.

6. In this context, we welcomed the endorsement of a substantive Agenda for Action at the Accra High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness by a broad partnership including stakeholders engaged in South-South cooperation. We noted in particular the reinforced commitment to: mutual accountability; support for country ownership through capacity development and institution building and increased use of strengthened country systems; enhancing value for money; transparency and predictability of aid and its underlying conditions; and the reduction of aid fragmentation. We urged development partners including the WBG to develop action plans to implement the Accra Agenda for Action and look forward to seeing the Bank’s action plan before our next meeting.

7. In light of the new global challenges, we called on the Bank to urgently review the implications for its strategy and operations, and to articulate detailed objectives and actions. We asked management and the Board to work together to enhance Group synergy and make the Bank a more efficient, flexible, decentralized and client focused organization. We look forward to reviewing progress in this regard. We encouraged the Bank to complete its strategic review of IBRD’s capital.

8. We discussed and welcomed the strategic framework for the World Bank Group on Development and Climate Change. The framework benefited from extensive consultations with member countries and other stakeholders. It provides a basis for the WBG to fulfill its core mission of promoting economic growth and poverty reduction, at the global, regional and country levels, in the context of the challenges posed by climate change. While re-emphasizing the primacy of the UNFCCC negotiation process, and taking account of the Bali Action Plan, we encouraged the WBG to support climate actions in country-led development processes in a holistic manner, and to customize support to climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts, as well as capacity building needs, in its member countries. Recognizing the enormous financial gap for addressing climate change, we encouraged the WBG to strengthen its resource mobilization efforts, including facilitating access to additional concessional financing, ensuring complementarity with other financing mechanisms (notably the Global Environment Facility and the Adaptation Fund), supporting the development of market-based financing mechanisms, leveraging private sector resources, and seizing opportunities for innovation. We encouraged the WBG to play an active role in supporting the development and deployment of clean and climate-resilient technologies, and facilitating relevant R&D and technology transfer. In this context we welcomed the recent successful launch of the Climate Investment Funds (CIF), including the Clean Technology Fund and the Strategic Climate Fund, as a positive first step, and called on the WBG to give increased attention to mobilizing resources for adaptation.

9. The package of reforms enhancing voice and participation of all developing and transition countries (DTCs) in WBG governance and work, brought forward by the Bank’s Board, addresses many aspects of voice and participation in light of the Monterrey Consensus. This is an important first step in the ongoing process of comprehensive reform. This package includes both concrete immediate steps and commitments to further work. An additional Board seat for Sub Saharan Africa on the Bank’s Board will be created. DTC voting shares in IBRD and IDA will increase, giving special emphasis to smaller members. Further realignment of Bank shareholding will be taken up by the Bank’s Board in an important shareholding review that will develop principles, criteria and proposals for Bank shareholding. The review will consider the evolving weight of all members in the world economy and other Bank specific criteria consistent with the WBG’s development mandate, moving over time towards equitable voting power between developed and developing members. The Board would develop proposals by the 2010 Spring Meeting and no later than the 2010 Annual Meetings, with a view to reaching consensus on realignment at the following meeting. There is considerable agreement on the importance of a selection process for the President of the Bank that is merit-based and transparent, with nominations open to all Board members and transparent Board consideration of all candidates. In addition, Bank Management has committed to continue enhancing diversity of management and staff and decentralizing decision-making. We asked the WBG’s Boards and Management to take prompt action to implement this agreed first step. We look forward to the periodic reports on progress and future proposals for a subsequent realignment of Bank shareholding as part of comprehensive reform.

10. We welcomed the continuing work by the Board to review and further strengthen internal governance at the World Bank.

11. The Committee’s next meeting is scheduled for April 26, 2009 in Washington, DC.

Development Committee Composition

As of October 12, 2008

Agustín Carstens, Chairman

Ibrahim Al-AssafSaudi Arabia
Douglas AlexanderUnited Kingdom
Ahmed bin Mohammed Al KhalifaBahrain
Wouter Bos1The Netherlands
Bohoun BouabréCôte d’Ivoire
P. Chidambaram2India
Carlos FernándezArgentina
James Michael Flaherty3Canada
Juan FuentesGuatemala
Aleksei KudrinRussian Federation
Christine Lagarde4France
Doris LeuthardSwitzerland
Guido MantegaBrazil
Arni M. MathiesenIceland
Salaheddine Mezouar5Morocco
Schoichi Nakagawa6Japan
Henry M. Paulson, Jr.United States
Didier Reynders7Belgium
Wayne SwanAustralia
Suchart Thada-ThamrongvechThailand
Giulio Tremonti8Italy
Shamsuddeen Usman10Nigeria
Heidemarie Wieczorek-ZeulGermany
Xie Xuren10China
Alternate attending for the member:

Bert Koenders

Ashok Chawla

Margaret Biggs

Benoît Coeuré

Nizar Baraka

Naoyuki Shinohara

Bernard Clerfayt

Carlo Monticelli

Trevor Manuel

Li Yong

Alternate attending for the member:

Bert Koenders

Ashok Chawla

Margaret Biggs

Benoît Coeuré

Nizar Baraka

Naoyuki Shinohara

Bernard Clerfayt

Carlo Monticelli

Trevor Manuel

Li Yong


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  • Estonia
    • Governor
      • Andres Lipstok
    • Temporary Alternate Governor
      • Aare Jarvan
      • Mart Kivine
      • Tanel Ross
      • Andres Sutt
    • Advisor
      • Ulo Kaasik
      • Maris Leemets
      • Mari Tarum-Seilenthal
  • Ethiopia
    • Governor
      • Atnafu Teklewold
    • Temporary Alternate Governor
      • Gebreyesus Guntie
    • Advisor
      • Habba Haaleo Addisu
      • Demissie Dejene Bedanie
      • E. Getachewu Gizaw
      • Elias Madebo
      • Gebre-ad Newaye-Christos
      • Yewondowssen Teshome Tesema
      • Eyob Tekalign Tolina
  • Fiji
    • Governor
      • Sada Sivan Reddy
    • Temporary Alternate Governor
      • Frazine Agnes Dutta
    • Advisor
      • Filimone Waqabaca
  • Finland
    • Governor
      • Erkki Liikanen
    • Temporary Alternate Governor
      • Velipekka Nummikoski
    • Advisor
      • Inkeri Hirvensalo
      • Janne Akseli Hukka
      • Olli-Pekka Lehmussaari
      • Kaija-Leena Rikkonen
  • France
    • Governor
      • Christine Lagarde
    • Alternate Governor
      • Christian Noyer
    • Advisor
      • David Appia
      • Gerard Belet
      • Jerome Cachau
      • Yves Censi
      • Genevieve Chedeville-Murray
      • Benoit Michel Claveranne
      • Benoit Coeure
      • Sonia Criseo
      • Aude de Amorim
      • Isabelle Deleu
      • Alain Demarolle
      • Corinne Dromer
      • Bertrand Marie
      • Jean Dumont
      • Ambroise Sixte Armel Francois Fayolle
      • Francois Giovalucchi
      • Antoine Gobelet
      • Herve Gonsard
      • Pierre Jaillet
      • Muriel Jakubowicz
      • Frederick Jeske-Schonhoven
      • Kacim Kellal
      • Regis Koetschet
      • Amina Lahreche
      • Jean-Pierre Landau
      • Marc Lautre
      • Frederic Lefebvre
      • Emmanuel Lenain
      • Roland Lomme
      • Francois Marion
      • Raphael Martinez
      • Christian Masset
      • Marc Mertillo
      • Emmanuel Moulin
      • Danielle Noirclerc-Schoenberg
      • Elizabeth Peri
      • Cyrille Pierre
      • Jean-Guillaume Poulain
      • Caroline Regis
      • Julien Rencki
      • Luc Rigouzzo
      • Jean-Michel Severino
      • Marc-Olivier Strauss-Kahn
      • Agnes Surry
      • Bruno Sylvestre
      • Luis Vassy
      • Pierre Vimont
      • Jean-Patrick Yanitch
  • Gabon
    • Governor
      • Herve Nze Nong
    • Alternate Governor
      • Regis Immongault
    • Advisor
      • Yolande Assele Ebinda
      • Alba Biffot
      • Vanessa Bongo
      • Carlos Boungou
      • Symphorien Engone
      • Sonia Melissa Kwaou
      • Michele C. Lamarche
      • Huguette Moussodou M.
      • Jean Philippe Ndong Biyogho
  • The Gambia
    • Governor
      • Momodou Bamba Saho
    • Alternate Governor
      • Alieu M. Ngum
    • Advisor
      • Abdoulie Jallow
      • Bua Saidy
  • Georgia
    • Alternate Governor
      • Nika Gilauri
    • Advisor
      • David Amaglobeli
      • Archil Mestvirishvili
  • Germany
    • Governor
      • Axel A. Weber
    • Alternate Governor
      • Peer Steinbrueck
    • Temporary Alternate Governor
      • Steffen Meyer
      • Wolfgang Moerke
      • Hermann Remsperger
      • Klaus D. Stein
      • Rolf Wenzel
    • Advisor
      • Karlheinz Bischofberger
      • Enrico Brandt
      • Carsten Hermann Johann Brinkmann
      • Christian G. Burckhardt
      • Helmut Burghause
      • Christian Dahlhaus
      • Leo Dautzenberg
      • Antonette Debus
      • Christoph Ludwig Denk
      • Anne Deter
      • Klaus Flosbach
      • Michael Freytag
      • Otto Fricke
      • Doris E. Grimm
      • Soenke Hansen
      • Stephan Hilsberg
      • Bernd Kaltenhaeuser
      • Manfred Kolbe
      • Andreas Mitschke
      • Juergen Morhard
      • Heike Maria Nortmann
      • Michael Offer
      • Hans Reckers
      • Andrea Maria Margareta Rieck
      • Martin Roesch
      • Thilo Sarrazin
      • Klaus Scharioth
      • Thomas Schedlbauer
      • Anna Schiller
      • Ines Schlotter
      • Carsten Schneider
      • Jeanette Schwamberger
      • Sabine Seidler
      • Gerhard Sennlaub
      • Matthias Sonn
      • Jorg-Otto Spiller
      • Gerald Steininger
      • Wolfgang Strengmann-Kuhn
      • Hubert Temmeyer
      • Gabriela Treess
      • Simone Violka
      • Christian von Kienlin
      • Bernd Walter
      • Klaus-Peter Willsch
  • Ghana
    • Governor
      • Paul Acquah
    • Alternate Governor
      • Yao Abalo
    • Advisor
      • Ernest Kwamina Addison
      • John Kwabena Kwakye
      • Maxwell Opoku-Afari
  • Greece
    • Governor
      • George Alogoskoufis
    • Alternate Governor
      • George Sfakianakis
    • Temporary Alternate Governor
      • Ioannis Papathanassiou
    • Advisor
      • Charalambos Dimitriou
      • John Economides
      • Omiros Emmanouilidis
      • Karolos Gadis
      • Nikolaos Keranis
      • Konstantinos Kollias
      • Alexandros Mallias
      • Markella Eleonora Mantika
      • Emmanouela Markoglou
      • Spyros P. Papanicolaou
      • Panagiotis A. Pliatsikas
      • Panagiotis Varagkis
      • Miranda Xafa
  • Grenada
    • Governor
      • Christopher Jules De Riggs
  • Guatemala
    • Governor
      • Maria Antonieta Del Cid
      • de Bonilla
    • Alternate Governor
      • Sergio Recinos
    • Temporary Alternate Governor
      • Jose Ricardo Barrientos
    • Advisor
      • Eduardo Garrido
      • Johny Rubelcy Gramajo Marroquin
      • Ivar Romero
  • Guinea
    • Governor
      • Ousmane Dore
    • Alternate Governor
      • Daouda Bangoura
    • Advisor
      • Madikaba Camara
      • Bintou Conde
      • Alpha Oumar Diakite
      • Abdoulaye Diallo
      • Kalidou Diallo
      • Mohamed Diare
      • Fatoumata Diop
      • Mory K. Kaba
      • Abraham Richard Kamano
      • Saoudatou Sow
      • Facinet Sylla
      • Sekou Traore
  • Guinea-Bissau
    • Governor
      • Issufo Sanha
    • Alternate Governor
      • Joao Aladje Mamadu Fadia
    • Advisor
      • Vasco Da Silva
      • Gabriela A. Fernandes GOMES
      • Romao Lopes Varela, Jr.
      • Marcellino Vaz
  • Guyana
    • Governor
      • Ashni Singh
    • Alternate Governor
      • Lawrence T. Williams
  • Haiti
    • Governor
      • Charles Castel
    • Temporary Alternate Governor
      • Fritz Duroseau
    • Advisor
      • Ketleen Florestal
      • Ronald Gabriel
      • Edwige Jean
      • Raymond Alcide Joseph
      • Romel Troissou
  • Honduras
    • Governor
      • Edwin Araque Bonilla
    • Alternate Governor
      • Belinda de Martinez
    • Advisor
      • Carlos Avila
      • Guillermo Bueso
      • Karla Enamorado
      • Orlando Garner
      • Erica Narvaez
      • Roque Rivera
      • Manuel Rodriguez
  • Hungary
    • Alternate Governor
      • Almos Kovacs
    • Temporary Alternate Governor
      • Julia Kiraly
    • Advisor
      • Istvan Abel
      • Laszlo Buzas
      • Agnes Ilsinszki
      • Gyorgy Kopits
  • Iceland
    • Governor
      • Arni M. Mathiesen
    • Temporary Alternate Governor
      • Lilja Dogg Alfredsdottir
    • Advisor
      • Sigrun Olafsdottir
      • Bjoern Gunnar Olafsson
      • Sigmundur Sigurgeirsson
      • Thorsteinn Thorgeirsson
  • India
    • Alternate Governor
      • Duvvuri Subbarao
    • Temporary Alternate Governor
      • Adarsh Kishore
      • Madhusudan Prasad Arvind Virmani
    • Advisor
      • Bhupinder Singh Bhalla
      • Subrahmanyam Bhamidipati
      • Navin Kumar Choudhary
      • Krishnamurti Damodaran
      • Raminder Jassal
      • Saranyan Krishnan
      • Rakesh Mohan
      • Deepak Mohanty
      • Maddirala Nagaraju
      • Vishal Nair
      • R.K. Pattnaik
      • Partha Ray
      • Ranendra SEN
      • Vediappa Senthil
      • Shyamala Shukla
      • Jawed Usmani
  • Indonesia
    • Governor
      • Boediono.
    • Alternate Governor
      • Rahmat Waluyanto
    • Advisor
      • Juda Agung
      • Aida Budiman
      • Lucky Fathul Hadibrata
      • Erwin Haryono
      • Peter Jacobs
      • Dicky Kartikoyono
      • Sudjadnan Parnohadiningrat
      • Hartadi A. Sarwono
      • Shinta Respati Indianingrum
      • Sokero
      • Perry Warjiyo
      • Dwi Mukti Wibowo
  • Islamic Republic of Iran
    • Governor
      • Reza RAEI
    • Alternate Governor
      • Tahmaseb Mazaheri-Khorzani
    • Advisor
      • MohammadHossein Ghassemi
      • Jafar Mojarrad
      • Seyed Assadollah Monajemi
      • Hefzollah Soltanmohammadi
  • Iraq
    • Governor
      • Sinan Al-Shabibi
    • Alternate Governor
      • Azez Jafar Hassan
    • Advisor
      • Kadhim Al-Eyd
      • Ban Jamal Fatoohi
      • Ahmed Ibraihi
      • Mudhir Mohammed Salih Kasim
  • Ireland
    • Governor
      • Martin Mansergh
    • Temporary Alternate Governor
      • Thomas Anthony Grimes
      • Carmel Keane
      • Marianne Nolan
      • Stephen O’Sullivan
      • Michael J. Somers
    • Advisor
      • Michael Collins
      • Adrian J. Kearns
      • Suzanne Mitchell
      • Thomas Whelan
  • Israel
    • Alternate Governor
      • Zvi Eckstein
    • Temporary Alternate Governor
      • Karnit Flug
    • Advisor
      • Ran Alon
      • Zvi Chalamish
      • Yoav Friedmann
      • Jerome Netter
      • Rivka Talmor
      • Asaf Vitman
  • Italy
    • Governor
      • Giulio Tremonti
    • Temporary Alternate Governor
      • Ignazio Visco
    • Advisor
      • Paola Ansuini
      • Carlo Baldocci
      • Stefano Beltrame
      • Perluigi Bologna
      • Dante Brandi
      • Maria Cannata
      • Sebastiano Cardi
      • Giovanni Castellaneta
      • Giuseppe Cipollone
      • Valerio Crispolti
      • Luigi Di Santo
      • Giannandrea Falchi
      • Luca Ferrari
      • Francesco Galietti
      • Giorgio Gomel
      • Vittorio Grilli
      • Giorgio Leccesi
      • Silvia Limoncini
      • Giandomenico Magliano
      • Francesca Manno
      • Marco Martella
      • Massimiliano Mazzanti
      • Edoardo Pucci
      • Arrigo Sadun
      • Francesco Spadafora
      • Basilio Antonio Toth
      • Francesca Valeri
      • Carlo Villanacci
      • Vincenzo Zezza
  • Jamaica
    • Governor
      • Audley Shaw
    • Temporary Alternate Governor
      • Donald George Wehby
    • Advisor
      • Richard Bernal
      • Sharon A. Crooks
      • Franz Hall
      • Anthony Johnson
      • Sharon Miller
      • Murna Morgan
      • Darlene Marie Morrison
      • John Robinson
      • Robert Stennett
  • Japan
    • Governor
      • H.E. Shoichi Nakagawa
    • Alternate Governor
      • Masaaki Shirakawa
    • Temporary Alternate Governor
      • Mitsuhiro Furusawa
      • Akinari Horii
      • Daisuke Kotegawa
      • Daikichi Momma
      • Takehiko Nakao
      • Toru Shikibu
      • Naoyuki Shinohara
      • Masato Watanabe
    • Advisor
      • Yuichi Adachi
      • Shuhei Aoki
      • Toshinori Doi
      • Daiho Fujii
      • Koki Harada
      • Hajime Hayashi
      • Naoki Hikota
      • Satoshi Ikeda
      • Yoichiro Ikeda
      • Nobuyuki Imamura
      • Akihiro Ino
      • Takamitsu Ishii
      • Tetsuro Ito
      • Takeshi Kato
      • Daisaku Kihara
      • Michihiro Kishimoto
      • Takayuki Kobayashi
      • Susumu Matsumoto
      • Ken Matsushita
      • Takashi Miura
      • Naruki Mori
      • Tokio Morita
      • Takaaki Nomoto
      • Takuya Nomura
      • Risa Ohkawa
      • Kenji Okamura
      • Shinsuke Okawa
      • Yoshihito Saito
      • Wataru Sakata
      • Rie Shimizu
      • Hitoshi Shimura
      • Yoko Shinagawa
      • Yoshihiro Sugimoto
      • Kenji Suwazono
      • Shinji Suzuki
      • Atsushi Tajima
      • Hiroshi Takami
      • Yasuo Takamura
      • Rintaro Tamaki
      • Masaru Tanaka
      • Aiko Toyama
      • Akihiro Tsuchiya
      • Yasusuke Tsukagoshi
      • Atsushi Uchida
      • Koji Uemura
      • Motofumi Umemura
      • Aiichiro Yamamoto
      • Takashi Yamamoto
      • Hiromi Yamaoka
      • Tatsuo Yamasaki
      • Akihiko Yoshida
      • Tomoyuki Yoshida
    • Jordan
      • Alternate Governor
        • Umayya Toukan
      • Advisor
        • Zaid Raad Al-Hussein
        • Kholod Saqqaf
        • Sami Abdallah Toghoz
        • Essa Saleh Yasein
    • Kazakhstan
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • Daniyar Akishev
      • Advisor
        • Arken Arystanov
        • Elena Bakhmutova
        • Erbol Bekmurza
        • Dastan Eleukenov
        • Olzhas Issabekov
        • Anuar Kurzhikayev
        • Aigul Moldabekova
        • Galymzhan Nurmagambetov
        • Anar M. Omarova
        • Daulet Orynbayev
        • Daulet Sovetovich Saudabayev
    • Kenya
      • Governor
        • Njuguna Ndung’U
      • Alternate Governor
        • Nicholas Arap Korir
      • Advisor
        • Florence Abonyo Galma M. Boru
        • Christopher Wachira Gacicio
        • Peter Gakunu
        • Rachel Kemunto Gesami
        • Philip Kituti Kaloki
        • John Kamau
        • James Mwangi Kiiru
        • Jackson Kinyanjui
        • Peter Macharia
        • Washington Jakoyo Midiwo
        • John Muya
        • Beatrice Ngoe
        • Justus Nyamunga
        • H.E. Peter N.R.O. Ogego
        • Chrysanthus Barnabas Okemo
        • Raphael Owino Otieno
        • Seif Suleiman
    • Kiribati
      • Governor
        • Natan Teewe
      • Alternate Governor
        • Terieta Mwemwenikeaki
    • Republic of Korea
      • Governor
        • Man Soo Kang
      • Alternate Governor
        • Seongtae Lee
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • Je-Yoon Shin
      • Advisor
        • Dongkoo Chang
        • Taek-Kyu Chang
        • Jae Hoon Choi
        • Jae-Hyuk Choi
        • Sang Mok Choi
        • So Young Choi
        • Namki Hong
        • Byoungha Hwang
        • Han Chul Jang
        • Beomseok Kim
        • Kyu Ok Kim
        • Myung Kee Kim
        • Seung Tae Kim
        • Donghun Lee
        • Jeong Wook Lee
        • Kangone Lee
        • Seong-Yeon Lee
        • Suk Kwon Na
        • Eun-Suk Park
        • Hyun-Woo Park
        • Wonshik Park
        • Jin Hong Rim
        • Sangpyo Suh
        • Keun Man Yook
        • Jong-Won Yoon
        • Tae Sik Yoon
        • Kyong Hwa Yu
    • Kuwait
      • Governor
        • Bader Mohamed Al-Saad
      • Advisor
        • Sami Husain Al Anbaee
    • Kyrgyz Republic
      • Governor
        • Marat O. Alapaev
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • Gulmira Shakirova
      • Advisor
        • Sadriddin Djienbekov
        • Zamira Sydykova
    • Lao People’s Democratic Republic
      • Governor
        • Somphao Phaysith
      • Alternate Governor
        • Panom Lathouly
      • Advisor
        • Soulysak Thamnuvong
    • Latvia
      • Governor
        • Ilmars Rimsevics
      • Alternate Governor
        • Martins Bicevskis
      • Advisor
        • Kaspars Abolins
        • Martins Bitans
        • Inguna Gulbe
        • Edmunds Krastins
        • Juris Kravalis
        • Irena Krumane
        • Andris Ruselis
        • Raivo Vanags
        • Inta Vasaraudze
    • Lebanon
      • Governor
        • Riad Toufic Salameh
      • Advisor
        • Majida Abdul Khalek
        • Raja Abou Asli
        • Faysal Abou Zaki
        • Francois Semaan Bassil
        • Hazar Caracalla
        • Mohamad Cheaib
        • Maya Samir Choueiri
        • Raya El-Hassan
        • Samir Fouad El-Khouri
        • Sami Haddad
        • Marianne Houwayek
        • Anwar Ali Jammal
        • Shadi Karam
        • Adnan Kassar
        • Khaled Kassar
        • Sami Sfeir
    • Lesotho
      • Governor
        • Timothy T. Thahane
      • Alternate Governor
        • Moeketsi Senaoana
      • Advisor
        • Mosito Nicholas Khethisa
        • Nthoateng Cecilia Lebona
        • Leonia ‘Moi Lephoto
        • Manong Lesoma
        • Habofande Augustinus Makopela
        • Malcolm Murray
        • H.E. David Mohlomi Rantekoa
        • Monaheng Seleteng
        • Moepi Sematlane
    • Liberia
      • Governor
        • Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan
      • Alternate Governor
        • J. Mills Jones
      • Advisor
        • Natty B. Davis
        • Charles Sirleaf
        • Boimah Taylor
        • Dabah Varpilah
    • Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
      • Alternate Governor
        • Abdallah Ali Khalifa
      • Advisor
        • Nagia Meftah BOUAZZI
        • Abdullatif Abdulhafiz El-Kib
        • Abubaker Mahmoud Elmeddehem
        • Abdulfatah Sghayer Ghaffar
        • Mohammed Layas
    • Lithuania
      • Governor
        • Reinoldijus Sarkinas
      • Alternate Governor
        • Rolandas Krisciunas
      • Advisor
        • Darius Abazorius
        • Jurgita Kazlauskaite
        • Justas Minkevicius
        • Audrius Zelionis
    • Luxembourg
      • Governor
        • Jean-Claude Juncker
      • Alternate Governor
        • Yves Mersch
      • Advisor
        • Marc Bichler
        • Jerome Hamilius
        • Georges Heinrich
        • Serge Kolb
        • Patrick Marquart
        • Miguel Marques-Gomes
        • Dirk Mevis
        • Guy Schuller
        • Jean-Louis Siweck
        • Sandra Thein
    • Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
      • Governor
        • Zoran Stavreski
      • Alternate Governor
        • Emilija Nacevska
      • Advisor
        • Anita Angelovska Bezoska
        • Jasminia Cvetanoska
        • Arlinda Idrizi
        • Nadica Kostoska
        • Aneta Krstevska
        • Natasa Stojmanovska
        • Goran Trajkovski
    • Madagascar
      • Governor
        • Haja Nirina Razafinjatovo
      • Alternate Governor
        • Frederick Rasamoely
      • Advisor
        • Honore Randrianarison
        • Sylvia Monique Rasoarilala
        • Christian Guy Dettriga
        • Rasolomanana
    • Malawi
      • Governor
        • Victor Mbewe
      • Alternate Governor
        • Randson Phillimon Mwadiwa
      • Advisor
        • Wilson Toninga Banda
        • Singano Dalitso Kabambe
        • Jane Kambalame
        • Perks Master Ligoya
        • Rhino Mchenga
        • Kenna Mphonda
        • Hawa Olga Ndilowe
        • Elias E. Ngalande
        • Levie Jeremiah Sat
        • Rabson Shaba
        • Ted Sitima-wina
    • Malaysia
      • Governor
        • Wan Abdul Aziz Wan Abdullah
      • Alternate Governor
        • Zeti Akhtar Aziz
      • Advisor
        • Suhaimi Ali
        • Ismail Bin Alowi
        • Adnan Zaylani Mohd Zahid
        • Narayanan Raman
        • Wan Mohd Nazri Wan Osman
    • Maldives
      • Governor
        • Abdulla Jihad
      • Alternate Governor
        • Abdul Hameed Mohamed
    • Mali
      • Governor
        • Abou-Bakar Traore
      • Alternate Governor
        • Sidi Almoctar Oumar BA
      • Advisor
        • Abdoulaye Daffe
        • Abdoulaye Diop
        • Mariam Konate
        • Assitan Kouyate
        • Mohamed Ouzouna Maiga
        • Abdoulaye Toure
        • Aboubacar Alhousseyni Toure
        • Hawaye Toure
        • Idrissa Traore
        • Boubacar Sidiki Walbani
    • Malta
      • Governor
        • Michael C. Bonello
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • Alfred DeMarco
      • Advisor
        • Lino Briguglio
        • Mark Miceli
    • Marshall Islands
      • Governor
        • Jefferson Barton
      • Alternate Governor
        • Jemi Nashion
    • Mauritius
      • Governor
        • Radhakrishna Chellapermal
      • Alternate Governor
        • Rundheersing Bheenick
      • Advisor
        • Dhanandjay Goboodun
        • Denise Chin Ying Lan Hing Po
        • Joyker Nayeck
        • Gowreesangkharsing Rajpati
        • Keerteecoomar Ruhee
    • Mexico
      • Governor
        • Guillermo Ortiz
      • Alternate Governor
        • Miguel Messmacher
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • Alfonso Humberto Guerra de Luna
      • Advisor
        • Guillermo Babatz Torres
        • Jose Martin Garcia
        • Javier Guzman Calafell
        • Luis Jimenez
        • Roberto Marino
        • Antonio Ortiz Mena
    • Federated States of Micronesia
      • Governor
        • Finley S. Perman
      • Alternate Governor
        • Evelyn Adolph
    • Moldova
      • Governor
        • Leonid Talmaci
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • Victor Cibotaru
      • Advisor
        • Nicolae Chirtoaca
    • Mongolia
      • Governor
        • Batsaikhan Namkhai
      • Alternate Governor
        • Oyunchimeg Orosoo
      • Advisor
        • Ochirbat Batsaikhan
        • Davaasuren Damdinsuren
        • Nyamaa Tumenbayar
    • Montenegro
      • Governor
        • Ljubisa Krgovic
      • Alternate Governor
        • Nikola Fabris
      • Advisor
        • Svetlana Cerovic
        • Dusan Perovic
        • Ivan Petrovic
        • Gordana Radevic
        • Radica Zekovic
        • Zarko Zivkovic
    • Morocco
      • Governor
        • Abdellatif Jouahri
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • Karim El Aynaoui
      • Advisor
        • El Hadi Chaibainou
        • Mohammed Dairi
        • Anis El Youssoufi
        • Khalid Guelzim
        • Abdelali Jbili
        • Aziz Mekouar
        • Mounir Razki
    • Mozambique
      • Governor
        • Manuel Chang
      • Alternate Governor
        • Antonio Fernando Laice
      • Advisor
        • Antonio Pinto de Abreu
        • Armando A. Panguene
        • Luis Sitoe
        • Jose Alves Amad Sulemane
    • Myanmar
      • Governor
        • Than Nyein
      • Alternate Governor
        • Daw Ommar Sein
    • Namibia
      • Governor
        • Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila
      • Alternate Governor
        • Thomas K. Alweendo
      • Advisor
        • Patrick Nandago
        • Cecilia Ndishishi
        • Ngurimuye Ebson Uanguta
    • Nepal
      • Governor
        • Krishna Bahadur Manandhar
      • Alternate Governor
        • Krishna Gyawali
      • Advisor
        • Suresh Chandra Chalise
        • Sushil R. Mathema
        • Trilochan Pangeni
    • The Netherlands
      • Governor
        • A.H.E.M. Wellink
      • Alternate Governor
        • R. Gerritse
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • Age F.P. Bakker
        • Aerdt C.F.J. Houben
        • Rudolf Treffers
        • Martinus Verwey
      • Advisor
        • Joost Yvo Baeten
        • Geert Beekhuis
        • Hendriene Bolhaar
        • Carla Bundy
        • Victor Cramer
        • Ersilia deLannooy
        • Wouter Elsenburg
        • Jerrald M. Hasselmeyer
        • Jose Jardim
        • Renee Jones-Bos
        • Freek Keppels
        • Herman Lutke Schipholt
        • Elise Raap
        • Wouter Schilperoort
        • Jane Semeleer
        • Emsley D. Tromp
        • Gerard van der Wulp
        • Norberto Vieira-Ribeiro
        • Michael Willem
    • New Zealand
      • Governor
        • Grant H. Spencer
      • Alternate Governor
        • Colin Hall
      • Advisor
        • Yuong Thanh Ha
        • Rebekah Mawson
    • Nicaragua
      • Governor
        • Maria Esperanza Acevedo
      • Alternate Governor
        • Jose Rojas
      • Advisor
        • Nina Maria Conrado Cabrera
        • Manuel Coronel
        • Carlos Sequeira
    • Niger
      • Governor
        • Ali M. Lamine Zeine
      • Alternate Governor
        • Saadou Bakoye
      • Advisor
        • D. Maiga Toure
    • Nigeria
      • Governor
        • Chukwuma C. Soludo
      • Alternate Governor
        • Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • Sarah Alade
        • S.O. Monye
        • Bright Erakpoweri Okogu
      • Advisor
        • Aliyu Ahmed
        • Moses Ajayi
        • Yakubu Aminu Bello
        • Godson E. Dinneya
        • Christopher Osiomha Itsede
        • Babatunde F. Lawal
        • Magaji Babura Mahmoud
        • Baba Y. Musa
        • Peter J. Obaseki
        • Dominic Obiekie
        • Fidel Ogar Odey
        • Isaac Okoroafor
        • Ugochukwu Okoroafor
        • B.O. Opadeji
        • Hamza Tahir
        • Godwill Efiong Ukpong
    • Norway
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • Audun Groenn
        • Halvor Hvideberg
        • Jan Qvigstad
        • Martin Skancke
      • Advisor
        • Jarle Bergo
        • Bente Stoholen
        • Anders Svor
    • Oman
      • Governor
        • Ali Mohamed Al Mousa
      • Alternate Governor
        • Hamood Sangour Al-Zadjali
      • Advisor
        • Jawad Mohammed Jawad Al-Talib
    • Pakistan
      • Governor
        • Shamshad Akhtar
      • Alternate Governor
        • Waqar Masood Khan
      • Advisor
        • Ehtisham Ahmad Azizali
        • F. Mohammed
    • Palau
      • Governor
        • Marino Rechesengel
      • Alternate Governor
        • Sally Techitong-Soalablai
    • Panama
      • Governor
        • Juan R. de Dianous
      • Alternate Governor
        • Hernan Arboleda
      • Advisor
        • Alfredo Nicolas Macia Almeida
        • Jorge Mateo Milwood
        • Beatriz Ordas de Rodriguez
    • Papua New Guinea
      • Governor
        • Leonard Wilson Kamit
      • Alternate Governor
        • Rosamund Wesley
      • Advisor
        • Ivan Pomaleu
        • John Tuaim
    • Paraguay
      • Governor
        • Jorge Corvalan
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • Carlino Samuel Velazquez
        • Martinez
      • Advisor
        • Jose H. Maciel
        • Julio Taboada
    • Peru
      • Governor
        • Julio Velarde
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • Renzo G. Rossini
      • Advisor
        • Javier Alfonso Luque Gianella
        • Javier Silva Ruete
    • Philippines
      • Governor
        • Amando M. Tetangco, Jr.
      • Alternate Governor
        • Roberto Tan
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • Rolando Andaya
        • Ralph G. Recto
      • Advisor
        • Edgardo J. Angara
        • Alfredo C. Antonio
        • Ricardo Balbido, Jr.
        • Jimmy Blas
        • Leonilo G. Coronel
        • Rey Anthony David
        • Ejercito Estrada
        • Willy Calaud Gaa
        • Jesus Jacinto
        • Jose Edgar Ledonio
        • Cecilia de Jesus Lee
        • Jaime Lopez
        • Wilhelmina Cruz Manalac
        • Hermilando Mandanas
        • Thomas Marcelo
        • Aurelio Montinola, III
        • Angelito Nayan
        • Erika Pulido
        • Carlos Sorreta
        • Edna Villa
    • Poland
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • Michal Baj
        • Elzbieta Chojna-Duch
      • Advisor
        • Pawel Jerzy Gasiorowski
        • Dorota Korobiejnikow
        • Robert Kupiecki
        • Ludomir Lasocki
        • Anna Suszynska
        • Damian Szostek
        • Remigiusz Urbanowski
    • Portugal
      • Governor
        • Paulo Ernesto Carvalho Amorim
      • Alternate Governor
        • Rui Manuel Carvalho
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • Nuno Mota Pinto
      • Advisor
        • Jose Pedro Viegas Cardoso
        • Maria Jose Vidal
    • Qatar
      • Governor
        • Abdullah Bin Soud Al-Thani
      • Alternate Governor
        • Abdulrahman Al-Thani
      • Advisor
        • Ahmad Ali Ahmad
        • Ismail Omar Aldafa
        • Ali Shareef Al Emadi
        • Ahmad Mohd Al-Sayed
        • Mejeb Turki Al-Turki
        • Rifaat K. Basanti
    • Romania
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • Stefan Nanu
      • Advisor
        • Lucian Croitoru
        • Valentin Lazea
        • Adriana D. Marinescu
        • Dragos-Valeri Negrescu
        • Eugen T. Radulescu
        • Mihai Nicolae Tanasescu
    • Russian Federation
      • Governor
        • Aleksei Kudrin
      • Alternate Governor
        • Sergey Ignatiev
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • Aleksei V. Mozhin
        • Dmitry Pankin
      • Advisor
        • Yulia Anikeeva
        • Andrei Bokarev
        • Andrei Bugrov
        • Vladimir Dashko
        • Timur Eyvazov
        • Aleksei Fokin
        • Aleksander Gorban
        • German O. Gref
        • Nikolai Griko
        • Vadim Grishin
        • Nadezda Ivanova
        • Vladimir Khrebtov
        • Sergey Kislyak
        • Mikhail Korobkin
        • Andrei Kostin
        • Pavel Kuznetsov
        • Dmitry Kvitko
        • Andrei Lushin
        • Andrey Matveev
        • Sergei Nosachev
        • Lev Valentinovich Palei
        • Andrei Serebriakov
        • Oksana Sergienko
        • Anna Shabunina
        • Andrey Shinaev
        • Vasiliy Titov
        • Anton Tolstikov
        • Lidia Nikolaevna Troshina
        • Yulia Ustyugova
    • Rwanda
      • Alternate Governor
        • Francois Kanimba
      • Advisor
        • George Katureebe
        • James Kimonyo
        • Christian Shingiro
    • St. Kitts and Nevis
      • Governor
        • Timothy Harris
      • Alternate Governor
        • Laurie Lawrence
      • Advisor
        • Izben Williams
    • St. Lucia
      • Alternate Governor
        • Garth P. Nicholls
      • Advisor
        • Clenie Greer-Lacascade
        • Michael Louis
    • St. Vincent and the Grenadines
      • Alternate Governor
        • K. Dwight Venner
    • Samoa
      • Governor
        • Nickel Lee Hang
      • Alternate Governor
        • Papali’i Tommy Scanlan
    • San Marino
      • Governor
        • Pietro Giacomini
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • Stefano Caringi
    • Sao Tome and Principe
      • Governor
        • Luis Fernando Moreira de Sousa
      • Alternate Governor
        • Edite Diogo Afonso Soares
      • Advisor
        • Susan Jayne Akroyd
        • Juan Carlos Vilanova Pardo
        • Ovidio Pequeno
    • Saudi Arabia
      • Governor
        • Ibrahim A. Al-Assaf
      • Alternate Governor
        • Hamad Al-Sayari
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • Abdallah S.M. Alazzaz
      • Advisor
        • Ahmed Al-Balawie
        • Hamad Al-Bazai
        • Khaled M. A. Al-Fayez
        • Suliman Al-Gwaiz
        • Abdulrahman Al-Hamidy
        • Abdullah I. Al-Hudaithi
        • Abdullatif H. Al-Jaber
        • Fahad Aljuwaidi
        • Mubarak Al-Khafra
        • Abdulhamid Al-Khalifa
        • Ahmed Al-Kholifey
        • Abdulrahman M. Al-Kudsi
        • Taha A. Al Kuwaiz
        • Majid Al-Moneef
        • Ahmed A. Al Nassar
        • Saad Mohammed A. Al Nefaee
        • Saeed Al-Qahtani
        • Rashed Abdulaziz Al-Rashed
        • Mansour Al-Saawi
        • Jammaz Al-Suhaimi
        • Sulaiman M. Al-Turki
        • Sami Al-Yousef
        • Jitendra G. Borpujari
        • Sami Ben Daamech
        • Robert Eid
        • Said H. Hashim
        • Richard R. Herbert
        • Mary Karras
        • Subodh Kumar Keshava
        • Jean Marion
        • Melhem F. Melhem
        • Abdulaziz A. O’Hali
        • Hutham S. Olayan
        • Khaled Olayan
        • Lubna Olayan
        • Khalid Oudghiri
        • Aftab Qureshi
    • Senegal
      • Governor
        • Abdoulaye Diop
      • Advisor
        • Djibril Camara
        • Souleymane Diallo
        • Sogue Diarisso
        • Adama Diop
        • Gnoumka Toure DIOUF
        • Salem Merzoug
        • Fatoumata Binetou Ndao
        • Amadou Lamine Ndiaye
        • Diagna N’Diaye
        • Birame Sene
        • Aly SOW
        • Massar Wague
    • Serbia
      • Governor
        • Radovan Jelasic
      • Alternate Governor
        • Ana Gligorijevic
      • Advisor
        • Srboljub Antic
        • Vladislav Cvetkovic
        • Janko Guzijan
        • Predrag Kovacevic
        • Djerdj Matkovic
        • Olgica Obradovic
        • Slavica Radojevic
    • Seychelles
      • Governor
        • Danny Faure
      • Advisor
        • Caroline Marie Abel
    • Sierra Leone
      • Governor
        • David O. Carew
      • Alternate Governor
        • Samura Matthew Wilson Kamara
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • Alimamy Bangura
      • Advisor
        • Abu Bangura
        • Osman Bangura
        • Ibrahim Sorie Conteh
        • Matthew Dingie
        • Samuel P.O. Itam
        • Sahr Lahai Jusu
        • Joseph Tekman Kanu
        • James Sanpha Koroma
        • Sheku Mesali
        • Winston Newman Samuels
        • Allieu Sesay
    • Singapore
      • Advisor
        • Alphonsus Chung Mun Chia
        • Han Wen Alvin Eng
        • Kah Chong Benny Lee
        • Anna Lisan Ng
        • Yoke Wang Tok
        • Nai Seng Wong
    • Slovak Republic
      • Governor
        • Ivan Sramko
      • Alternate Governor
        • Michal Horvath
      • Advisor
        • Andrej Droba
        • Marek Jakoby
        • Martin Kaco
        • Jana Kovacova
        • Mario Vircik
    • Slovenia
      • Governor
        • Marko Kranjec
      • Alternate Governor
        • Bozo Jasovic
    • Solomon Islands
      • Governor
        • Denton Rarawa
      • Alternate Governor
        • McKinnie Dentana
      • Advisor
        • Michael Gladstone Brown
        • Raynold Micah Moveni
    • South Africa
      • Governor
        • Tito Titus Mboweni
      • Alternate Governor
        • Jabulani Phillip Moleketi
      • Advisor
        • Goolam Aboobaker
        • Analisa Bala
        • Lungisa Fuzile
        • Marlon Geswint
        • Samantha Henkeman
        • Reginald Dumisa Jele
        • Christopher Loewald
        • Jason Milton
        • Aaron Daniel Mminele
        • Monde Mnyande
        • Renosi Mokate
        • Ismail Momoniat
        • Kurt Joseph Morais
        • Nhlanhla Nene
        • Andre Frank Pillay
        • Cleo Rose-Innes
        • Michael Sachs
        • Gerrit van Schalkwyk
    • Spain
      • Governor
        • Pedro Solbes M.
      • Alternate Governor
        • Miguel Fernandez Ordonez
      • Advisor
        • Mario Delgado
        • Jorge Dezcallar
        • Maria Jesus Fernandez
        • Ramon Guzman Zapater
        • Pilar L. Hotellerie-Fallois
        • Maria Jesus Luengo Martin
        • Luis Marti
        • Juan Francisco Martinez Garcia
        • Miguel A. Martinez Rolland
        • Clara Mira
        • Pablo Moreno
        • Alberto Nadal
        • Soledad Nunez
        • Eva Valle Maestro
        • Jose Maria Vinals
    • Sri Lanka
      • Governor
        • Sarath Leelananda Bandara Amunugama
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • K.G.D.D. Dheerasinghe
        • Ranee Jayamaha
        • Rajapakse A. Jayatissa
      • Advisor
        • Puwakdandawe Weerasinghe
    • Sudan
      • Governor
        • Sabir Mohamed Hassan
      • Alternate Governor
        • Elfatih Mohamed Khalid Elbadri
      • Advisor
        • Nidal Salaheldin Abubakr Elnour
        • Fatahelrahman Ali
        • Hazim Abdelgadir Ahmed Babiker
        • Mutasim Yousif Elbadria Mohamed
        • Hussein Yahya Jangoul Elbasha
        • Nagmeldin Hassan Ibrahim
        • Omer El Faroug Sayed Kamil
        • Somia Amir Osman
    • Swaziland
      • Governor
        • Martin G. Dlamini
      • Advisor
        • Adelaide Sonile Gumbi
        • Ephraim Mandla Hlophe
        • Lindiwe Kunene
        • Khangeziwe Glory Mabuza
        • Ndumiso Comfort Mamba
        • Vincent Mawandile Mhlanga
        • Zwelethu Minsi
        • Patrick Ben Ndzinisa
        • Lonkhululeko Sibandze
    • Sweden
      • Governor
        • Stefan Ingves
      • Alternate Governor
        • Per Jansson
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • Bjorn Fritjofsson
        • Barbro Wickman Parak
      • Advisor
        • Ingemar Eriksson
        • David Farelius
        • Patrik Granstrom
        • Mattias Hector
        • Jens Olof Henriksson
        • Bo Lundgren
        • Maria Norstrom
        • Susanna von Post
    • Switzerland
      • Governor
        • Jean-Pierre Roth
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • Roberto F. Cippa
        • Alexander Karrer
        • Ulrich Kohli
        • Thomas Moser
      • Advisor
        • Emilija Georgieva
        • Henri Getaz
        • Werner Hermann
        • Paul Inderbinen
        • Hanns Gero Juergen Jung
        • Manuel Sager
        • Stephan Schmid
        • Darlena Tartari Schwegler
        • Rene Weber
        • Werner Weber
        • Markus Zimmerli
        • Urs Ziswiler
    • Syrian Arab Republic
      • Alternate Governor
        • Adib Mayaleh
    • Tajikistan
      • Governor
        • Sharif Rahimzoda
      • Alternate Governor
        • Matlubkhon Davlatov
      • Advisor
        • Abdujabbor Shirinov
        • Zavkidjon Zavkiev
    • Tanzania
      • Alternate Governor
        • Benno J. Ndulu
      • Advisor
        • Enos Steven Bukuku
        • Peter Lwali Kadesha
        • John Benti Kimaro
        • Harry Msamire Kitilya
        • Ngosha Said Magonya
        • Joseph Leina Masawe
        • Babu Ndeyanka Msami
        • Mwanaid Athumani Mtanda
        • Msafiri David Nampesya
        • Ahmed Amani Ndyeshobola
        • Johnson Jossia Nyella
        • Allan Abraham Tuni
    • Thailand
      • Governor
        • Tarisa Watanagase
      • Alternate Governor
        • Atchana Waiquamdee
      • Advisor
        • Somruedee Rungsiyaphornratana
        • Chantavarn Sucharitakul
        • Vachira Arromdee
    • Timor-Leste
      • Governor
        • Nikunj Soni
      • Alternate Governor
        • Abraao de Vasconcelos
      • Advisor
        • Joao Mariano Saldanha
    • Togo
      • Governor
        • Adji Oteth Ayassor
      • Alternate Governor
        • Mongo Aharh-Kpessou
      • Advisor
        • Francis Dogo
    • Tonga
      • Governor
        • ’Otenifi Afu’alo Matoto
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • Pilimilose Balwyn Faotusia
      • Advisor
        • Ana Puli Matoto
    • Trinidad and Tobago
      • Governor
        • Ewart S. Williams
      • Alternate Governor
        • Vishnu Dhanpaul
      • Advisor
        • Penelope Forde
        • Anne Joseph
    • Tunisia
      • Governor
        • Taoufik Baccar
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • Abdelmalek Saadaoui
      • Advisor
        • Brahim Hajji
        • Sadok Rouai
        • Mohamed El Saleh Souilem
    • Turkey
      • Governor
        • Mehmet Simsek
      • Alternate Governor
        • Durmus Yilmaz
      • Advisor
        • Serkan Ata
        • Birol Aydemir
        • Besir Baymaz
        • Ozgur Demirkol
        • Omer Karademir
        • Suleyman Semdinoglu
        • Sibel Tokgoz
    • Turkmenistan
      • Alternate Governor
        • Dovletgeldi Sadykov
      • Advisor
        • Sapargeldy Annarejepov
        • Dovran Muradnazarov
        • Mered Bairamovich Orazov
    • Uganda
      • Governor
        • E. Tumusiime-Mutebile
      • Alternate Governor
        • Katekyeza L. Kiiza
      • Advisor
        • Perezi Kamunanwire
        • David Kihangire
        • Fred Muhumuza
        • Polycarp Musinguzi
        • George Ndyamuba
        • Charles Ssentongo
    • Ukraine
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • Oleksander Savchenko
      • Advisor
        • Volodymyr Fedorchuk
        • Viktor Kapustin
        • Sergiy Kruglyk
        • Volodymyr Kuchyn
        • Oleksandr Kupchyshyn
        • Volodymyr Lytvyn
        • Hennadii Nadolenko
        • Viktor Nikitiuk
        • Oleksandr Pinskyi
        • Olena Scherbakova
        • H.E Oleh Shamshur
        • Mykola Udovychenko
        • Yuriy G. Yakusha
        • Ihor Zhovkva
    • United Arab Emirates
      • Governor
        • Sultan Bin Nasser Al-Suwaidi
      • Alternate Governor
        • Khalid Ali Al-Bustani
      • Advisor
        • Hamed Nasser Abdelqader
        • Marwan Abedin
        • Abdulrahim M. Al-Awadi
        • Abdulla Al Awar
        • Fatema Khamis Al Mazrouei
        • Ahmed Al Qamzi
        • Abdulla Al-saboosi
        • Nasser Al Shaali
        • Majed Saif Al Shamsi
        • Saif H. Al-Shamsi
        • Hamad Al Hurr Al Suwaidi
        • Mohammed Saif G.S. Al-Suwaidi
        • Hamad Essa Al Zaabi
        • Bob Clarke
        • David Eldon
        • Euart Arthur Pierre Glendinning
        • Dana Kadrie
        • Habib Abdulnabi Kazim
        • Dalia Lahham
        • Abdulla Mohamed Saleh
        • Chirag Shah
        • James Andrew Spindler
    • United Kingdom
      • Governor
        • Alistair Darling
      • Alternate Governor
        • Mervyn King
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • Charlie Bean
        • Richard Davies
        • Georgie Drummond
        • Phil Evans
        • Stephen Field
        • Josh Fleming
        • Alexander Gibbs
        • Robert Murray Hills
        • Nicholas B. Joicey
        • Catherine Macleod
        • Stephen John Pickford
        • Hannah Elizabeth Robinson
        • Daniel Rosenfield
        • Jenny Scott
        • James Ian Talbot
        • Thomas Joseph Thornton
        • Lindsey Jennifer Whyte
      • Advisor
        • Thomas Barry
        • Jenny Lilian Bates
        • Niamh Mulholland
        • Paul Radford
        • Efren Sabillo
        • Thomas Whinfield Scholar
        • Bindhi Shah
        • Tamarah Shakir
        • Nigel Sheinwald
        • Matt Smith
        • Adair Turner
        • Paul Wright
    • United States
      • Governor
        • Henry M. Paulson, Jr.
      • Alternate Governor
        • Ben S. Bernanke
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • Thomas A. Connors
        • Daniel Heath
        • Michael Kaplan
        • Neel Kashkari
        • Robert Kimmitt
        • Donald L. Kohn
        • Randall S. Kroszner
        • Clay Lowery
        • Meg Lundsager
        • David McCormick
        • D. Nathan Sheets
        • Mark Sobel
      • Advisor
        • Rawan Abdelrazek
        • Stephanie Ahern
        • Jeffrey Baker
        • Susan Baker
        • Bryan Balin
        • Andrew Baukol
        • Elizabeth Berry
        • Seth Howard Bleiweis
        • Jonathan Bloom
        • Virginia Brandon
        • Stacy Carlson
        • Carol Carnes
        • Terrence J. Checki
        • Susan M. Chun
        • Deborah M. Crane
        • Benjamin Jared Cushman
        • Nova Daly
        • Michele Davis
        • Robert Dohner
        • Jaroslav I. Dutkewych
        • William Foster
        • Kenton Fox
        • Jamie Franco
        • Timothy Franz Geithner
        • Timothy Goode
        • Michael Grifferty
        • Kristopher Haag
        • Mathew P. Haarsager
        • Richard Hall
        • Jane T. Haltmaier
        • Maureen Harrington
        • Michael Heath
        • John Hewko
        • Leslie Hull
        • Anthony Ieronimo
        • Rachel Jarpe
        • Anna Jewell
        • David Kavanaugh
        • Nasir Khilji
        • Lukas Pender Kohler
        • Judith S. Laufman
        • Stuart Levey
        • Stephen Fong-Ming Lin
        • William Lindquist
        • Darius Mans
        • W. Larry McDonald
        • Carrie McKellogg
        • Brookly Jean McLaughlin
        • Eric Meyer
        • Soniya Mitra
        • Matthew Mohlenkamp
        • Wilbur Monroe
        • Charles Moravec
        • Richard Morford
        • William C. Murden
        • Malachy Nugent
        • Patrick M. OBrien
        • Brian ONeill
        • Francisco J. Parodi
        • Parker M. Payne
        • Daniel Walter Peters
        • Traci Ann Phillips
        • Michael Pisa, III
        • William Pizer
        • Matthew Poggi
        • Frances Reid
        • Sonja V. Renander
        • Jonathan Rose
        • Michael Ruffner
        • Robert W. Saliterman
        • Stephanie Ellen Segal
        • Sara Senich
        • Everett S.P. Spain
        • Luyen Doan Tran
        • Matthew Turner
        • Beth Urbanas
        • James Wilkinson
        • Christopher Winship
        • Kevin G. Woelflein
        • Paul Rutland Wood
        • Tsung-Tao Yang
    • Uruguay
      • Governor
        • Ruben Walter Cancela Vilanova
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • Aureliano Berro
      • Advisor
        • Carlos Steneri
        • David Vogel Peliart
    • Uzbekistan
      • Governor
        • Saidakhmat Rakhimov
      • Alternate Governor
        • Ravshan Abdukarimov
      • Advisor
        • Azim Israilovich Akhmedkhadjaev
        • Bakhtier Ibragimov
        • Abdulaziz Kamilov
    • Vanuatu
      • Governor
        • Sela Molisa
      • Alternate Governor
        • Odo Tevi
    • Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela
      • Alternate Governor
        • Floria Caricote Lovera
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • Armando Leon
        • Jose Rivas
      • Advisor
        • Jaime Luis
        • Julio Cesar Pineda Figuera
        • Jose Alejandro Rojas Ramirez
        • Rubin J. Villavicencio
    • Vietnam
      • Governor
        • Nguyen Van Giau
      • Alternate Governor
        • Le Minh Hung
      • Temporary Alternate Governor
        • Phong Tien Pham
      • Advisor
        • Hong Lam Le
        • Cau Van Nguyen
        • Tuan Anh Tran
        • John Hing Vong
    • Republic of Yemen
      • Governor
        • Noman Taher Al-Suhaibi
      • Alternate Governor
        • Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al-Samawi
      • Advisor
        • Abdulwahab Al-Hajjri
        • Ibrahim Alnahari
        • Tarek Alsharafi
        • Omar Salim Bazara
        • Ahmed Ahmed Ghaleeb Saeed
        • Sami Sofan
        • Jala Omar Yaqoub
    • Zambia
      • Governor
        • Ng’andu Peter Magande
      • Alternate Governor
        • Caleb M. Fundanga
      • Advisor
        • Pamela Kasese Bwalya
        • Situmbeko Musokotwane
        • Nawa Musiwa Muyatwa
        • Inyambo Mwanawina
        • Kellyford Nkalamo

Observers, Representatives OF International Organizations, And Special Invitees

  • Abu Dhabi Fund for Development
    • Shabeeb Al Darmaki
  • African Development Bank Group
    • Donald Kaberuka
    • Mimi Alemayehou
    • Thierry de Longuemar
    • Augustin Flory
    • Abdulmajed Gadad
    • Patrick Claude Giraud
    • Louis A. Kasekende
    • Frederic Assomption Korsaga
    • Gantsho Mandla S.V.
    • Onike Nicol-Houra
    • Monojeet Pal
    • Alex Rugamba
    • Preeti Sinha
    • Peter Sinon
    • Graham Murray Stegmann
    • Timothy Turner
    • Tetsuya Utamura
    • Pierre Nicolas van Peteghem
    • Yogesh Vyas
    • Magatte Wade
    • Rolf B. Westling
    • Azagne George
  • African Export-Import Bank
    • Jean-Louis Ekra
    • Samuel Mugoya
    • Benedict O. Oramah
  • African Fund for Guarantee and Economic Cooperation
    • Magaye Gaye
    • Maman-Lawal Mossi Bagoudou
  • African Trade Insurance Agency
    • Peter M. Jones
    • Astere Girukwigomba
    • Israel Kamuzora
    • Omingo Magara
    • Cyprien Sakubu
  • African Union
    • Erastus J.O. Mwencha
    • Bankole Adeoye
    • Amina Salum Ali
    • Louise Bailey
    • Elham Mahmoud Ahmed Ibrahim
    • Julius Kagamba
    • Seraphine Manirambona
    • Richard M. Mkandawire
    • Golmame Tefera
    • Rhoda Tumusiime
    • Olukorede Willoughby
    • Moctar O.A. Yedaly
  • Andean Development Corporation
    • Enrique Garcia
    • Felix Bergel
    • Luis Miguel Castilla
    • Carolina Espana
    • Gabriel Felpeto
    • Alejandro Gumucio
    • Hugo Sarmiento
  • Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa
    • Ebe Ould Ebe
  • Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development
    • Abdlatif Y. Al-Hamad
    • Husam Omar Khalil
  • Arab Monetary Fund
    • Jassim Abdulla Al-Mannai
    • Yisr Burnieh
  • Asian Development Bank
    • Haruhiko Kuroda
    • Shyam Bajpai
    • Indu Bhushan
    • Roger Burston
    • Seethapathy Chander
    • Thelma Diaz
    • Toshimasa Dojima
    • Katherine M. Ferrey
    • Charles Greenwood
    • Shuichi Hosoda
    • Mikio Kashiwagi
    • Masahiro Kawai
    • Maria Teresa Kho
    • Bindu N. Lohani
    • Dan Millison
    • Kazu Sakai
    • Naoki Sakai
    • Robert Schoellhammer
    • Woochong Um
  • Bank for International Settlements
    • Herve Hannoun
    • Gavin Bingham
    • Peter Dittus
    • Hermann Greve
    • Guenter Anton Pleines
    • Bruno Tissot
  • BIS-Financial Stability Forum
    • Svein Andresen
    • Patrizia Baudino
    • Marina Moretti
  • Black Sea Trade and Development Bank
    • Hayrettin Kaplan
    • Ersen Ekren
    • Andrei Kondakov
    • George Kottas
  • Caribbean Community
    • Edwin W. Carrington
    • Fay Ingrid Housty
    • Carl Greenidge
    • David F. Hales
  • Caribbean Development Bank
    • Compton Bourne
    • Patrick Desmond Brunton
    • Ian Durant
    • Carl Howell
    • Denny Lewis-Bynoe
    • Warren Smith
    • Tessa Williams-Robertson
  • Center for Latin American Monetary Studies
    • Kenneth G. Coates
    • Adriana Alverde
    • Corina Arteche
    • Luiz Barbosa
    • Jaime Osvaldo Coronado
    • Maria Luisa Gutierrez
  • Central African Economic and Monetary Community
    • Hassan Adoum Bakhit
    • Benoit Ketchekmen
  • Central African States Development Bank
    • Anicet G. Dologuele
    • Oscar Ngole
  • Central American Bank for Economic Integration
    • Nick Rischbieth
    • Hernan Danery Alvarado
    • Yu-Yuan Hou
    • Jose Felix Magana
    • Alejandro Jose Rodriguez Zamora
  • Central American Monetary Council
    • Alfredo Blanco
    • William Calvo V.
  • Common Fund for Commodities
    • Ali Mchumo
    • Javed Akhtar
  • Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa
    • Sindiso Ngwenya
    • Tidenekialesh Asfaw
    • Alex Gitari Kwimenya
    • Michael Gondwe Carol Jilombo
    • Kombo James Moyana
    • Cris M. Muyunda
  • Commonwealth Secretariat
    • Indrajit Coomaraswamy
    • Vasantt Kumar Jogoo
    • Jonathan Ockenden
    • Constance Elizabeth Vigilance
  • Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf
    • Nasser Ibrahim Al-Kaud
  • Council of Europe Development Bank
    • Raphael Alomar
    • Jacques Mirante Pere
    • Thierry Poirel
    • Apolonio Ruiz Ligero
    • Luca Schio
    • Imre Tarafas
  • East African Development Bank
    • Godfrey B. Tumusiime
    • Mahesh K. Kotecha
  • Economic Community of West African States
    • Mohammed Ibn Chambas
    • Christian N. Adovelande
    • Lambert N’galadjo Bamba
    • Remi Gbaguidi
    • Comla Kadje
    • David Lansana Bockari Kamara
    • Nelson O. Magbagbeola
    • Mercedes Mensah
    • Mohamed Ben Omar Ndiaye
    • Ousseini Salifou
    • Thierno Bocar Tall
  • Economic Cooperation Organization
    • Murat Ulus
    • Omer Faruk Baykal
    • Nadeem Karamat
  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
    • Thomas Mirow
    • Alex Auboeck
    • Erik Berglof
    • Olivier Descamps
    • Johann Peter Art Lankes
    • Isabelle Laurent
    • Peter Reiniger
    • Manfred J. Schepers
    • Josue Tanaka
    • Nicholas Tesseyman
    • Axel Van Nederveen
    • Anthony Robert Williams
    • Marian Dalton
    • Julie Green
  • European Central Bank
    • Jean-Claude Trichet
    • Elisabeth Ardaillon-Poirier
    • Lorenzo Bini Smaghi
    • Ricardo Llaudes
    • Frank Moss
    • Lucas D. Papademos
    • Georges Pineau
    • Francisco Ramon-Ballester
    • Raymond Ritter
    • Regina Karoline Schueller
    • Juergen Stark
    • Joerg Stephan
    • Agnese de Leo
    • Michele Kirstetter
  • European Commission
    • Joaquin Almunia
    • Louis Michel
    • Moreno Bertoldi
    • Marco Buti
    • Elisabetta Capannelli
    • Antonio de Lecea
    • Servaas Deroose
    • Geraldine Dufort
    • Karin Gardes-Koutny
    • Peter Kerstens
    • Despina MANOS
    • Amy Medearis
    • Nigel Nagarajan
    • Angelos Pangratis
    • Bernard Petit
    • Maciej Popowski
    • Loukas Stemitsiotis
    • Mattias Sundholm
    • Heliodoro Temprano Arroyo
    • Gerassimos Thomas
    • Benedicte van den Berg
    • Vlassia Vassikeri
    • Luc Veron
    • Benjamin Pearson
  • European Investment Bank Group
    • Barbara Bargagli-Petrucci
    • Sophie Billon
    • Martin Curwen
    • Carlos da Silva Costa
    • Philippe de Fontaine Vive
    • Bertrand de Mazieres
    • Thomas Hackett
    • Plutarchos Sakellaris
    • Fiona Turner
  • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
    • Hafez M.H. Ghanem
    • Daniel J. Gustafson
    • Keith Wiebe
  • Inter-American Development Bank
    • Luis Alberto Moreno Mejia
    • Amal-Lee Amin
    • Edward Bartholomew
    • Hugo Eduardo Beteta Mendez-Ruiz
    • Otaviano Canuto
    • Susana Cardenas
    • Winston Cox
    • Soren Elbech
    • Luis Alberto Giorgio
    • Gerard S. Johnson
    • Robert Kaplan
    • Lori Kerr
    • Santiago Levy
    • Eduardo Lora
    • Angela Marcarino Paris
    • Hilen Meirovich
    • Santiago Pastrana
    • Steven Puig
    • German Quintana
    • Bruno Walter Coelho Saraiva
    • Hans Schulz
    • Desmond Thomas
    • Carla Tully
    • Daniel M. Zelikow
  • IADB-Inter-American Investment Corporation
    • Orlando Ferreira Caballero
    • Steven Reed
    • Carlos Roa
  • International Fund for Agricultural Development
    • Lennart Bage
    • Uday Abhyankar
    • Cheryl Morden
    • Thomas Pesek
    • Matthew Wyatt
    • Bonnie Lynn Harris
  • International Labour Organization
    • Juan Somavia
    • Marina Colby
    • Philippe Egger
    • Armand Pereira
    • Stephen Pursey
  • Islamic Development Bank
    • Rami Ahmad
    • Khaled M. Al-Aboodi
    • Ghassan Youssef Al-Baba
    • Abdul Aziz M. Zahir Al Hinai
    • Ghada Attieh
    • Aftab A. Cheema
    • Amadou Boubacar Cisse
    • Sirelkhatim Sidahmed
    • Musa Hassan Sillah
    • Nijad Subei
    • Sidi Mohamed Ould Taleb
    • Salah Ameur Jelassi
  • Islamic Financial Services Board
    • Rifaat Ahmed Abdel Karim
    • Farrah Mohamed Aris
  • Kosovo
    • Ahmet Shala
    • Gani Gerguri
    • Ilir Ibrahimi
    • Hajdar Korbi
    • Driton Qehaja
    • Arie Rabfogel
    • Hashim Rexhepi
  • Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development
    • Osama Alattal
  • Latin American Association of Development Financing Institutions
    • Rommel Acevedo
    • Ricardo Palma-Valderrama
  • Latin American Reserve Fund
    • Rodrigo Bolanos Zamora
    • Ana Maria Carrasquilla
    • Juan Carlos Alfaro
    • Iker Zubizarreta
  • League of Arab States
    • Ashraf Riad
  • Nordic Investment Bank
    • Johnny Akerholm
    • Lars Eibeholm
    • Nils Erik Emilsson
    • Jens Hellerup
    • Hilde Kjelsberg
    • Kari Kukka
    • Harro Pitkanen
    • Heidi Susanne Syrjanen
  • OPEC Fund for International Development
    • Suleiman Jasir Al-Herbish
    • Said Aissi
    • Fuad Albassam
    • Anajulia Taylhardat de Tarter
    • Helen Abu Jurji
    • Ranya Nehmeh
  • Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
    • Angel Gurria
    • Richard H. Carey
    • Carolyn Ervin
    • Susan Fridy
    • Stephen Paul Groff
    • Ian Hawkesworth
    • Brenda Killen
    • Jean-Marie LeGrand
    • Kaori Miyamoto
    • Gabriela Ramos
    • Holly Richards
    • Javier Santiso
    • Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel
    • Sandra Wilson
  • OECD-Development Assistance Committee
    • Eckhard Deutscher
    • James Michel
    • Jens Sedemund
  • Organization of American States
    • Victoria Abalo
    • Irene Klinger
    • Joaquin Salcedo
  • Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
    • Mohammad Alipour-Jeddi
  • Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat
    • Sanjesh Naidu
  • P. L. O.
    • Jihad Al Wazir
    • Aziz Abu-Dagga
    • Samir Abdullah Ali
    • Mazen Saleem Jadallah
    • Mohammad Shtayyeh
    • Jamilah Shami
  • Southern African Development Community
    • Angelo Eduardo Mondlane
  • United Nations
    • Susan Bajardi
    • Suzanne Bishopric
    • Farooq Chowdhury
    • Hazem Fahmy
    • Manuel F. Montes
    • Daniel Platz
    • Frank Schroeder
    • David Smith
    • Jomo Kwame Sundaram
    • Richard Tyner
    • Rob Peter Vos
  • United Nations Children’s Fund
    • Bjorn Gillsater
  • United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
    • Heiner Flassbeck
  • United Nations Development Programme
    • Kemal Dervis
    • Paolo Galli
    • Magnus Magnusson
    • Ad Melkert
    • Rosemary Nuamah
    • Frederick S. Tipson
    • Marissa Ayento
  • United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
    • Abdoulie Janneh
    • Kasirim Nwuke
  • United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
    • Ines Bustillo
    • Helvia Velloso
  • United Nations Industrial Development Organization
    • H. Stephen Halloway
  • West African Development Bank
    • Abdoulaye Bio Tchane
    • Amadou Oumar Mballo
  • West African Economic and Monetary Union
    • Soumaila Cisse
    • Abdoulaye Diop
    • Eloge Houessou
    • Felix Bruno Kafando
  • West African Monetary Institute
    • Temitope Oshkioya
    • Emmanuel Terlumun Adamgbe
  • Turkey Planning Team 2009 Annual Meetings
    • Cavit Dagdas
    • Nurettin Akkaya
    • Mustafa Soner Aksu
    • Cemil Mehmet Arslan
    • Onur Ataoglu
    • Abdurrahman Atmaca
    • Nihal Aydogan
    • Senay Aydogan
    • Mevlut Bulut
    • Hasan Canpolat
    • Simge Colakoglu
    • Mehmet Comcuoglu
    • Yavuz Delice
    • Ebru Ejder
    • Ozkan Eker
    • Huseyin Eren
    • Caner Esentur
    • Levent Gulsoy
    • Hakan Gurgen
    • Aydin Haskebabci
    • Ilhan Kara
    • Dilek Karragac
    • Ayse Keten
    • Hatice Kokden
    • Ayhan Kurtoglu
    • Erol Kuzubasioglu
    • Didem Emine Mutlay
    • Ayhan Mutlu
    • Zeynep Okyay
    • Hatice Camay Ozalp
    • Ozgur Ozaslan
    • Ula Pacali
    • Saadettin Parmaksiz
    • Mesut Pektas
    • Mehmet Ali Saglam
    • Hasan Sahinkaya
    • Ercan Tanrisal
    • Levent Ulku
    • Mustafa Ustun
    • Feza Faruk Ustunkaya
    • Seray Yilmaz
    • Gullu Yilmazturk

Executive Directors, Alternates, and Advisors

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Wouter Schilperoort

Mihai Nicolae Tanasescu
Ambroise FayolleMichael ClaverannePierre-Francois Weber
Peter GakunuSamuel P.O. ItamGoolam Aboobaker

Rachel Kemunto Gesami

Polycarp Musinguzi

Ahmed Amani Ndyeshobola

Dieudonne Nintunze

Godwill Efiong Ukpong
Alex GibbsJames Talbot
Huayong GeJianxiong HeFang Yang
Jose RojasRamon GuzmánJulio Cesar Pineda Figuera
Jens Olof HenrikssonJarle BergoDarius Abazorius

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Michael HorganStephen O’SullivanPaul Jenkins

Murna Morgan

Jean-Francois Perrault
Willy KiekensJohann PraderIstvan Abel

Ozgur Demirkol

Stanislav Polak
Adarsh KishoreK.G.D.D. DheerasingheRanjit Bannerji

Deepak Mohanty
Daisuke KotegawaHiromi YamaokaDaisaku Kihara
Richard MurrayWilhelmina MañalacJong-Won Yoon
Meg LundsagerDaniel HeathMichael Kaplan
Jafar MojarradMohammed DairiSeyed Assadollah Monajemi

Sadok Rouai
Thomas MoserSrboljub Antic

Rene Weber
Aleksei V. MozhinAndrei LushinLev Valentinovich Palei

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Lauren W. RutayisireKossi AssimaidouMarcellin Koffi Alle

Siradiou Bah

Regis Olivier N’Sonde

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Mohamed Ould Sidi Bouna

Daouda Sembene

Abdoulaye Tall
Arrigo SadunMiranda XafaGuiseppe Cipollone

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Javier Silva-RueteHector TorresJose H. Maciel

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