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International Monetary Fund
Published Date:
October 2018
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Further Reading

PART 1: Overview


The IMF’s Key Roles

International Monetary Fund:


1. Making the System Work Better

Policy Papers—2017 External Sector Report:

Factsheet—Funds for Capacity Development:

Factsheet—Regional Capacity Development Centers:

Policy Papers—Review of Flexible Credit Line and Precautionary and Liquid Line:

2. Making Growth Sustainable

October 2017 World Economic Outlook: Seeking Sustainable Growth:

3. Making Growth Inclusive

October 2017 Fiscal Monitor: Tackling Inequality:

G-20 Leaders’ Summit 2017 “Fostering Inclusive Growth”:

IMF Institute for Capacity Development, Training Catalog: Inclusive Growth courses:

4. Reducing Corruption

Press release—“Policy on Governance and Corruption”:

5. Harnessing Technology for Good

Capitalizing on Good Times, April 2018 Fiscal Monitor:

Regional Highlights

Sub-Saharan Africa’s Untapped Revenue Potential May 2018 Regional Economic Outlook study:

IMF Staff Discussion Note 1803—Centralized Fiscal Capacity for the Euro Area:

PART 2: What We Do

Economic Surveillance

Bilateral Survillance

IMF Staff Discussion Note 2018—Interim Surveillance Review:

Policy Papers—”Use of Third-Party Indicators in Fund Reports”:

Policy Advice

Policy Papers—The Managing Director’s Global Policy Agenda:

Policy Papers—“Increasing Resilience to Large and Volatile Capital Flows—The Role of Macroprudential Policies”:

Staff Discussion Notes—“Trade-Offs in Bank Resolution”:

Press release—“Taxation and the Sustainable Development Goals”:

Press release—“The Taxation of Offshore Indirect Transfers”—A Toolkit:

Policy Papers—“State-Contingent Debt Instruments for Sovereigns—Annexes”:

Press release—“Vienna Initiative Seeks New Growth Model to Drive Forward Innovation in Emerging Europe,” IMF, March 13, 2018:

Low-Income and Developing Countries

Policy Papers—“IMF-World Bank Debt Sustainability Framework for Low-Income Countries”:

Policy Papers—“Social Safeguards and Program Design in PRGT- and PSI-Supported Programs”:

Press release—“Managing Capital Flows: Challenges for Developing Countries,” conference in Zambia:

PART 3: Finances, Organization, and Accountability

Policy Papers—Income Model, Charges, Remuneration, Burden Sharing, and Net Income Investment Account Rules and Regulations:

Human Resources Policies and Organization

IMF Senior Officials:

IMF Staff by Nationality, Gender, and Country Category:

IMF Staff Salary:

Independent Evaluation Office

Independent Evaluation Office:

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The SDGs were officially adopted by UN member countries at the UN Summit in New York in September 2015, replacing the expiring MDGs. The 17 SDGs focus on five key elements: people, planet, peace, prosperity, and partnership. The IMF is committed, within the scope of its mandate, to the global partnership for sustainable development. The IMF has launched a number of initiatives to enhance its support for its member countries in crucial ways as they pursue the SDGs.

Acronyms and Abbreviations


anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism


Catastrophe Containment and Relief Trust


External Audit Committee


Extended Credit Facility


Extended Fund Facility


Enhanced General Data Dissemination System


European Union


Financial Action Task Force


Flexible Credit Line


Fiscal Monitor


Financial Soundness Indicator


financial year


Group of Twenty industrialized economies


gross domestic product


Global Financial Stability Report


Global Policy Agenda


General Resources Account


heavily indebted poor country


Institute for Capacity Development


Independent Evaluation Office


International Monetary and Financial Committee


low-income developing country


Office of Internal Audit and Inspection


Policy Coordination Instrument


Precautionary and Liquidity Line


post-program monitoring


Poverty Reduction and Growth Trust


Policy Support Instrument


Rapid Credit Facility


Regional Economic Outlook


Rapid Financing Instrument


South Asia Regional Training and Technical Assistance Center


Stand-By Arrangement


Standby Credit Facility


Special Data Dissemination Standard


Sustainable Development Goals


Special Drawing Right


staff-monitored program


United Nations


World Economic Outlook

Letter of Transmittal to the Board of Governors

August 1, 2018

Dear Mr. Chairman:

I have the honor to present to the Board of Governors the Annual Report of the Executive Board for the financial year ended April 30, 2018, in accordance with Article XII, Section 7(a) of the Articles of Agreement of the International Monetary Fund and Section 10 of the IMF’s By-Laws. In accordance with Section 20 of the By-Laws, the administrative and capital budgets of the IMF approved by the Executive Board for the financial year ending April 30, 2019, are presented in Part 3. The audited financial statements for the year ended April 30, 2018, of the General Department, the SDR Department, and the accounts administered by the IMF, together with reports of the external audit firm thereon, are presented in Appendix VI, as well as at The external audit and financial reporting processes were overseen by the External Audit Committee comprising Mr. Vikamsey (Chair), Ms. David, and Ms. Cearns, as required under Section 20(c) of the Fund’s By-Laws.

Yours very truly,

Christine Lagarde

Managing Director and Chair of the Executive Board

Access and download this publication along with appendix VI Financial Statements for FREE in two ways: either type the URL into a browser on your computer or tablet, or scan the QR code on this page. We hope you will visit the IMF Annual Report web pages and explore all the resources they contain.

This Annual Report was prepared by the Editorial and Publications Division of the IMF’s Communications Department, in consultation with a working group from across the IMF. Christoph Rosenberg, Jeffrey Hayden, and Linda Kean oversaw the work of the report team, which was under the direction of the Executive Board’s Evaluation Committee, chaired by Alexandre Tombini. Anthony Annett served as chief writer and S. Alexandra Russell and Denise Bergeron as project managers. Crystal Herrmann assisted with the digital design. Rumit Pancholi provided editorial assistance. Hyoun Woo Park provided administrative assistance.

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“To truly be successful, we should act together. Cooperation remains the best way to create a more prosperous future for every nation.”

Christine Lagarde

Managing Director

International Monetary Fund

700 19th Street NW

Washington, DC 20431 USA


Known formally as the Joint Ministerial Committee of the Boards of Governors of the Bank and the Fund on the Transfer of Real Resources to Developing Countries.

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