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World Economic Outlook, April 2017

Gaining Momentum?

The latest report shows that global economic activity is finally picking up, but structural impediments and a balance of risks tilted to the downside remain.

International Monetary Fund Annual Report 2017

Promoting Inclusive Growth

How to get global growth going again through trade, productivity, reducing inequality, and promoting women's economic empowerment.

IMF Survey, Volume 35, Issue 17

IMF Survey, Volume 35, Issue 17 »

Volume/Issue: 35/22

Series: IMF Survey

Author(s): International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.


Publication Date: 12 September 2006


ISBN: 9781451968637

Keywords: capital market, international capital, international capital market, American Dollar, Capital Market. Volatility, Commodities. Prices, Doha Round (2001-), International Monetary Fund (imf). Annual Meetings, Metals. Prices, Organizational Change

Annual meetings curtain raiser; APD Director Burton on IMF role in Asia; Briefs on Bolivia, Indonesia; WEO: rising Asia and nonfuel commodity prices; GFSR: global financial system; euro area recovery; U.S. capital...