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International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
January 2001
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Press Releases


01/35: World Bank Group and IMF Set Meetings for September 29-30, August 14

News Briefs

01/77: World Bank/IMF Annual Meetings to Take Place Over Two Days Next Month, August 10

01/78: IMF Continuing to Work with Argentina, August 19

01/79: IMF Executive Board Informally Discusses Argentina, August 20

01/80: Publication of First IMF Staff Assessment of an Offshore Financial Center, August 21

01/81: IMF Managing Director Prepared to Recommend Addition of $8 Billion to Argentina’s Stand-By Credit, August 21

01/82: IMF Managing Director Congratulates Korea on Early Repayment of 1997 Stand-By Credit, August 22

Public Information Notices

01/84: Ghana, August 9

01/85: Japan, August 10

01/86: Ireland, August 13

01/87: United States, August 14

01/88: India, August 14

01/89: The Bahamas, August 14

01/90: Thailand, Post-Program Monitoring, August 16

01/91: People’s Republic of China, August 24


Press Briefings, Thomas Dawson, External Relations Department Director, August 17

Letters of Intent and Memorandums of Economic and Financial Policies*

The Gambia, August 20

Cambodia, August 23

Concluding Remarks for Article IV Consultations

Angola (preliminary), August 14

IMF Factsheets

The IMF’s Role in the UN’s Conference on Financing for Development, August 16

The IMF at a Glance, August 17

Report on the Observance of Standards and Codes

Cameroon—Data Module, August 24


Quarterly Update on the Special Data Dissemination Standard, August 14

“Turkey Is Recovering: A Commentary,” Michael Deppler, Financial Times, August 14

IMF Financial Activities, August 24

* Date posted

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